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sylux427's Minecraft Skin Shader Tutorial

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Hi, and welcome to my quick and simple tutorial on how to enhance the look of your created skins.

To get started, you have to be aware that this method does not involve much "skill", but more like tedious steps. To proceed this tutorial you will have to either have Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. Personally I use GIMP for the shading of skins, which is also more convenient for you guys, due to the fact that it's a free program.

GIMP can be downloaded by clicking HERE.
Skin Edit can be downloaded by licking HERE.

GIMP supports both Windows and Mac OSX.

Before I proceed with the actual tutorial, this tutorial is a step by step program that you can follow with the use of imagery. If you believe there is a lack of information or visual representation, let me know in the comments, or just straight up ask me question about any problems in the comment section below.

1.) Create whatever skin you want shaded, using the Skin Edit application. Keep in mind that the skin has to be basic. This does not mean you shouldn't add small details to your skin, it just means that your colour palette should be limited, and you shouldn't use too many secondary colours. Stick to single shades of whatever colour you are using. An example is given bellow


See? Quite simple. Right now it looks very boring, bland. Save, or export the skin as a .png file onto your desktop. This skin is now ready to be enhanced with some texture.

2.) Find a shading template for skins. The best way to search for these templates is in Planetminecraft itself. Simply click on the "Skins" button in the header, and type "shader template" in the search bar.


Here you have a large selection of templates to choose from, however the template I have used for this tutorial can be obtained by clicking HERE.

3.) Now open up the GIMP application. Find the .png file of your created skin and drag it into GIMP's layer tab. Your editing tab should then show up like this:
At this point you may already play around with the "Brightness and Contrast" options, however it is not recommended at this stage. If you do wish to start editing details this early, keep on reading to see how.

4.) Find the image of the skin template you downloaded from Planetminecraft. Click on the file and drag it into GIMP's layers tab. Your tab should now look like this:
At this point you have to make sure that the shading template layer is above the skin layer, otherwise the following steps will not work.

5.) Set the "Layer Mode" in the layers tab to "Grain Merge". What this will do is fade out both layers a little bit and make them overlap each other. This means that the texture of the shading template will merge with the basic outline of the skin. Pretty neat huh?


You can also experiment with the opacity of the mode, however it's not necessary. I personally always stick with the default 100.0

6.) Navigate to the GIMP menu bar and click on "Colors". Under this tab find the section which says "Brightness-Contrast..."


The window that pops up will enable you to experiment with the colour exposure and brightness. To get a good result you should experiment with both scales, and observe the effects. This is a trial and error process, depending on how you've used your colours, and how much detail is shown in your skin.

7.) This is the result you should get, if you have followed steps 1-6:
8.) The final step is to export this image from GIMP onto your desktop. To do this navigate back to GIMP's menu bar, and click on "File". Explore this tab until you find a section called "Export". Click on Export and set the image's quality to the highest setting possible. Make sure to save the file as a .png.


Congratulations! From this point on you simply upload the image to Planetminecraft, and insert the skin's personal details.

I hope this tutorial has been of use to all of you out there who seek help. Once again, if there are any expressional problems, and you have not complied with some of the steps and wish to seek further help, please, leave a comment in the comment section and I will reply as soon as I can.

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01/21/2017 4:14 pm
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Can u make this for windows 10???????
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