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Tango Tek Iron Titan Review

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Level 37 : Artisan Cake
-This is my first review of a contraption buildable by tutorial on Youtube. The Iron Titan was created by TangoTek, and you should check him out as he is EPIC!!! All contrapions built in these reviews I build in survival, just to see how difficult it is.-

Let me start out by saying that the end result of Tango's hour long tutorial is incredible. There is no way around it. Just the premise is amazing: a machine that, once set up, produces a never ending stream or iron. It's amazing. I created this in my survival world after many long mining sessions. What drove me into the mines? Iron, or rather lack of it. I sort of snapped. I never wanted to mine another iron ore as long as I lived. I knew about this Machine beforehand, but the size and scale of the build scared me. I had the notion that it would take days of minecraft to complete, but after mining for so long, I decided I didn't care. I took the plunge. The version I made is the 32 village version. 

-Ease of Build-
This build is different from other builds because it requires that it be set up in your world's spawn chunks. While it is totally possible to map these out (see this great tutorial), it is a bit time consuming. With that out of the way, a spot has to be found for the behemoth of a machine to rest. The sheer size of the thing initially frightened me, but I built it anyway. You do need to plan where you are going to put this as it will become a major landmark in your world. Another reason to plan ahead is that there can be no wooden doors within a certain distance of it. It is not an easy build. The design is high in the air, so building is difficult without feather falling boots. You will fall off, and you will do it quite often. You will also be placing doors in a very long, tedious process, so be prepared for hours of some of the dullest playing you've ever done. The placing was horrible, and I could only take it in half-hour stints. It also requires focus; while placing the doors your mind has to be front and center, no spacing out! You also have to be good at wrangling villagers, as the build requires over 40 of them. I'm lucky in that I have villages near by that could be pillaged, but you may not be. The build also requires large temporary structures to be built to correctly place the doors. Building these takes tons of materials in themselves, and knowing they are only temporary is discouraging. Overall, it is a build you have to commit to as it is very difficult, and more importantly, YOU MUST FOLLOW EVERY INSTRUCTION GIVEN TO THE LETTER!!! SKIPPED STEPS WILL CAUSE THE MACHINE TO NOT WORK RESULTING IN HUGE WASTE OF TIME WITH POSSIBLE RAGEQUIT!!!

-Materials Load-
Was something off in my head? I'm tired of mining, so I'll build something that requires... more mining? This machine requires stacks upon stacks of materials. I chose to build from stone, a choice that brought be more hours of tedious mining. This machine requires stacks, STACKS of whatever you build it with. It also requires wood. Lots and lots of wood. You will be placing many many doors, so if you haven't already, invest in a tree farm. The machine requires some obsidian for a nether portal, as well as various redstone components, glowstone, and glass. All in all, a royal !#$@-ton of materials.

-End result-
So, what does all the sweat, blood, and tears get you? Well, assuming you have, TO THE LETTER, followed the tutorial you get the privillage in knowing that you never have to mine another iron ore block ever again. Ever. Because this machine, even in 32 village form, will supply you with so much iron you won't know what to do with it. It's amazing. I hope you like building with iron blocks, because you will be making stacks of them. I went exploring for a few hours, and when I came back the double chest I had hooked up to the output was full, with the hoppers leading into the chest backed up. I need a storage room just for iron. It's amazing. It's incredible. Even after the long and tedious process of building this thing I look up at it with a smile. I love it. I laugh at iron ore embeded in the tunnels of my mines. I don't have to touch it. The machine is so ludicrous I can't help but adore it. I may try to dress up the thing, but it sort of looks good on its own. Should you build it? That depends. Are you tired of iron mining? Do you hate iron ore with a burning passion? Build it. You won't regret it. I certainly didn't.

Thank you Tango Tek for the EPIC machine, and thank you for making such a great tutorial so that knuckle-heads like myself can build it!
This build was made it the 1.8 snapshots

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