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Welcome to Tekkit!

Welcome all you new engineers, technicians, and people that want to just read this to The Tekkit for Dummies!


Tekkit is a multiplayer version of the technic pack. Tekkit offers many real-world machines and also some created ones. It offers many machines, such as the batbox, solar panel, condenser, macerator, quarry, compressor, extractor, terraformer, and much much more! Today I will be giving you the basics of Tekkit, and I will also be showing you how to make some neat contraptions.

You will need the latest technic launcher for whatever computer you own. Download it, choose tekkit, and put in your username and password. (When I first started tekkit, I thought it was really hard to download tekkit, but it isn't, so don't worry!) Tekkit does take some time to load for the first time, so be patient. A mod that I think will benefit you a lot in tekkit would be Toomanyitems. Not only can you look at all the items for tekkit but also you can check their crafting recipes by clicking on the item or typing r on the item.

Well, enough about getting started, lets move on to Survival Basics 101. You probably know that punching trees is your first method, so I don't think I need to explain that. Now, remember that iron is KEY to tekkit. Without iron you can't make many things in tekkit. So iron is your main objective right now. Some of the things that you can get before iron, is rubber, copper, and tin. You will need those as well later on. A machine that will make tekkit MUCH easier is the energy condenser. Check out the crafting recipe, it costs 6 diamonds and 4 obsidian in all. So do a little diggy diggy, build a house, eat some pig. You must craft a alchemic chest to go in the condenser recipe, which costs 2 of your 6 diamonds.

Now that we have the condenser finished, I think its time to explain EE (equivalent exchange). EE is a mod added in tekkit that gives blocks different power levels. For example, a dirt block has 1 EMC (an EMC tells you how much power a block or item has) and a diamond has about 8,200 EMC. The item with the most EMC is the Klein Star Omega, which packs up 51,200,000 EMC (wow). Now, the condenser uses EE for converting items into other items. So lets say you have lots of cobblestone but you want some sandstone. Put one sandstone in the top slot and all the cobblestone in the bottom storage area, and POOF! Your cobblestone has turned into sandstone! Remember though, different items and blocks have different EMC levels. The rarer the item, the more EMC it has. Uranium, glowstone dust, ghast tears, blaze rods, and gold bars have lots of EMC so those are good things to condense with. Now, we will move onto the first building tutorial.


How to build a powered condenser.

Materials: Energy condenser, Anti-Matter relay, Energy collector (mk1, mk2, or mk3. mk3 is the most expensive collector) and a glowstone block (optional)

Step 1. Place the energy condenser and the anti-matter relay next to each other.

Step 2. (If you do not have a glowstone block, place this whole machine outside) Place the energy collector next to the anti-matter relay so all three machines are in a line.

Step 3. The energy collector uses light to power itself. If you do not have a glowstone block, place all three of these machines outside and next to each other. If you have a glowstone block place it on top of the energy collector and you can place in indoors.

The powered condenser isn't very strong but it is good for you when you are starting. You can use higher level energy collectors and place more to anti-matter relays to give the condenser more power.



Now we have a powered condenser, on to the next step! I call this machine the ore duplicator, and I think a lot of people that have played tekkit before know how to make this. This machine is supposed to double your ores when you smelt them. For example, put 1 stack of iron ore in this and you get 2 stacks of iron bars.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to build an Ore Duplicator

Materials: 1 solar panel, batbox, macerator, iron furnace, chest (any type), 2 redstone engines, 2 levers, 2 wooden transport pipes, some stone pipes, and some copper cables.

Step 1. Place the solar panel outside and place the batbox next to it.

Step 2. Place the macerator 4 blocks away from the batbox and connect the two with copper cables. Connect them from the orange dot on the batbox to the top of the macerator.

Step 3. Place a wooden transport pipe onto the macerator and put a redstone engine on top of the transport pipe.

Step 4. Connect the transport pipe to the top of the iron furnace using the stone pipes.

Step 5. Place the other wooden transport pipe on the side of the iron furnace and place the other redstone engine on top of the transport pipe.

Step 6. Connect the transport pipe to a chest with the rest of the stone pipes.

Step 7. Place the levers next to the engine sand turn them on.

Step 8. Place any ore in the macerator and coal in the iron furnace, and you are done!

The macerator will turn the ore into dust and the iron furnace will smelt the dust. You will need coal and sunlight to power this machine.



Time to move onto mining upgrades! An item known as the destruction catalyst, can rip a hole into anything you click. The destruction catalyst costs a big amount of coal and some other materials. It is a very helpful way to make holes and mine faster. Use v to charge up the catalyst and use shift+v to lower the charge. Aim on the spot that you want to mine and right click the area. The catalyst will mine all the ores and stone and give a small black ball that contains all of it. Its the fastest way to find diamonds, uranium, and gems. Another way to mine is using quarries. Quarries are quite expensive and use some diamonds. But they are very helpful.


How to build a quarry
Materials: 4 land marks, quarry, 3 engines (steam or redstone), 1 wood transport pipe, some stone pipes, 1 chest (any type), 3 levers

Step 1. Place the 4 land marks in an area that you want to quarry out (warning, the bigger the area, the slower the quarry is)
Step 2. Right click one of the land marks and then place the quarry next to the red line that appears.
Step 3. Connect your 3 engines to the sides of the quarry, NOT the top.
Step 4. Place the wooden transport pipe on top and the quarry and connect it with the stone pipes to a chest.
Step 5. Use the levers to power the engines.

And you are completed with your quarry. If you use redstone engines the quarry is fully automatic. If you used steam you will need to power the engines with coal.

Well, that was basically the basics of tekkit! But wait, there is still one more machine that I would like to show you. You can make this later on in tekkit, and it isn't that expensive to make. It is called the cow-powered infinite EMC maker. It will give you 1 diamond in only 10 seconds, guaranteed! The tutorial is up at the top so watch and enjoy! (if the video at the top doesn't work come to this URL www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwYGsGnc9-A )

He doesn't list the items you need to use in the video so I will list them for you: 2 condensers, 1 cow, 8 filters, 4 deployers, 1 restriction tube, some pneumatic tubes, 4 milk buckets, 8 buckets, a screwdriver, a timer, some red alloy wire, about a stack of stone covers, 1 lever, and the item you want to condense.
This machine takes a few minutes to warm up but once its going at full speed, you can get many items. It is completely automatic so don't worry about powering it. Be sure to subscribe to the creator of that video. He makes epic tekkit contraptions. Heres a picture of the milker.

Well, thats the end of this tutorial. Plz Diamond Favorite and Subscribe! I'm hoping to get this tutorial in the minetorial finals. So if you like it or you want to put a suggestion, comment below!
Credit:littleaub (youtube)

Update #1 : 07/25/2012 3:29:11 pm7/25/12

Sorry if the video isn't working guys. youtube is being screwy right now. Also fixed some errors.

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  • _subject_
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • March 4, 2013, 4:44 pm
Nice tutorial but it's not TMI it's NEI that shows the recipes.
Diamond :D
  • TheCraftMiner
  • Level 61
  • High Grandmaster Taco
  • July 25, 2012, 12:59 pm
very nice tutorial, i can see there was alot of work putted into it, you earned my diamond :)
  • epiczombeh
  • Level 29
  • Expert Zombie
  • July 25, 2012, 1:18 pm
Thx, I worked all morning on it :)

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