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Thankyou!! :D

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avatar Ennen
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
In this blog I would just like to thank everyone thato s subscribed to me, diamonded or favoutited, commented on, or even just viewed any of my submissions (even you guys that are just reading this now ;) ).

I really appreciate the positive feedback and everything you guys do for me! I know Io m not the best builder, skinner, artist, survival player, landscaper, or any of all that but you guys are helping me out and making me feel like Io m doing alright :) .

Today I reached level 9. Now, I know thato s not very much compared to some people, but last time I was on level 9 I had almost 40 submissions, now with only 13 (now 14 because of this blog) I reckon Io m doing a little better than I was before.

Like I said before, what you guys do to help me out is really amazing, even if it might be just the one more submission view.

Unfortunately there isno t much more I can do here other than say thanks a hundred times and give you a hundred more reasons why I love you guys, but, really, thank you! I wono t say it a hundred times, youo d probably only read it about once or twice and skip the rest ;)

I really just want to say THANK YOU guys! You might not know how much it helps, not just levels or subs or anything, and not just so I have something to check out and reply to when Io m bored. Ito s great to be in a place where there are thousands of other people with the same interests.

THANK YOU, every one for just being here to read this :)



PS. Remember, I'm always open to skin, art, pixel art, or submission requests! So if you want me to post anything, just let me know and I'll give it a go :)

11/13/2012 3:33 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Pokemon
Diamond. Love the pixel art, its very cute! :D Love the detail in the blog and just the way it is worded is quite emotional! You r a very nice person! :D
11/13/2012 3:56 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
I'm just here to thank people like you for being nice people :)

11/13/2012 4:06 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Pokemon
np :D
11/12/2012 11:18 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Miner
What do you mean with not good?!
It's better than any pixel art i have have made! ;)
11/13/2012 12:39 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist

(also, whenever drawing anything on PC or where ever, the program you use makes a huge difference to what you can do with you picture. To make that one I used PixelFormer for the main picture, and GIMP for all the shading, etc)
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