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The 1.14 Naturally Generated World Border Cordinates

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Abaddon Belnak's Avatar Abaddon Belnak
Level 42 : Master Robot
XYZ : 32550821 90 12550821

Use Creative Mode!

Warning : Computer may Crash.

In this area commands dont work. you cant place or break anything at all.
if you re-walk through the world-border your stuck and will need to re-enter the coordinates

Nothing works in this area.
about 5 blocks away from the border there is a invisible wall (not barriers.)
i am trying to find a way to by-pass it.

Tell Antvenom i said hi

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04/28/2019 1:09 am
Level 42 : Master Robot
Abaddon Belnak
Abaddon Belnak's Avatar
If needed use Spectator Mode!
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