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The quality of skins nowadays...

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Raxos's Avatar Raxos
Level 47 : Master Pixel Painter
Did you ever take a look at the Latest Uploads in the Skins section of PMC?
People probably rant about this a lot, as it really is a big issue, people posting repaints of Honeydew, Recolored Steves and Creepers in suits... And there is nothing to do to stop all this?
I'm thinking about this from a point of view of an average skin-maker, I take the time to do skins, whether they are good or not, and then some chump gets some Paint doodle he calls a skin, presses the "Add Noise" button and hopes for LVL 40...
What is more annoying is that people give diamonds, or even views to things like this, and I haven't even gone into the Stolen Skins issue, which is huge, people who make good skins, or at least original or good instead of random colors on a skin template should be rewarded more, or maybe something should be done about the whole thing of these crappy skins?
Please let me know what you think, because it just makes me SO annoyed to see people uploading crap thinking they'll be the next Studnicky... :)

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10/02/2016 8:29 am
Level 49 : Master Creeper Hugger
Cookiesz's Avatar
4 years later and nothing has changed

oh well
08/06/2013 8:37 pm
Level 25 : Expert Pony
Kfcnyancat's Avatar
It's sad that I have to give it a view to flag it.
12/11/2012 2:28 pm
Level 74 : Legendary uwu
TheOfficialNano's Avatar
Cool skin!
Crimson The Zorua
08/29/2012 12:43 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Ninja
Crimson The Zorua's Avatar
this blog seems so true...the amount of times i've seen simple recolors of the "steve" skin, it makes me think that only the minority (not true) can make actual skins with detail & shading.
08/13/2012 3:08 pm
Level 22 : Expert Skinner
moveoutdaway's Avatar
flag, flag my brother, flag for unoriginality
05/26/2012 11:09 am
Level 30 : Artisan Bunny
Typhlosionboy's Avatar
My skins only get like 2/5 downloads and like 10 views because people bury my skins (no offense) with trash that they call skins than is already done like a million times! >=(
04/12/2012 12:02 am
Level 41 : Master Herobrine
yoavsnake's Avatar
You have to view to report stolen skins...
04/11/2012 8:44 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
subflame11's Avatar
agreed. i will never use a skin like one of those. i use only high quality ones. like my current fma skin :D
02/22/2012 10:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
treece77's Avatar
i love it
02/22/2012 12:21 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Button Pusher
the_soup's Avatar
I completely agree. It's so annoying when you put work and effort into a skin and it just gets buried under a pile of bad Steve and 'cool guy in a hoodie' recolors. More moderators would definitely help, and people shouldn't be afraid to confront and/or report someone who is just remixing/recoloring skins.
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