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The secret to a good MOTD

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This tutorial doesn't teach you how to change your server's MOTD, or Message of the day. This tutorial will explain to you some different styles of the MOTDs. Your MOTD should show out so users can easily find your server and join it easily. All of these examples are not bad, and you can do whatever one you think is the best for your server.

Example 1
This MOTD lists multicolored features in the main area, and on the right side the server name and website URL is listed. Server owners can just use spaces to get a part of their MOTD over to the right side, like I did for my server. This is an okay MOTD, but there is a lot going on. Some people want a more simple approach.

Example 2
In this example, there is no text to the right of the players, and it only lists the server name, and the version it runs on. It also includes some art <->, and it is multicolored. This is more simple than Example 1.

Example 3
This is a VERY simple MOTD. No colors, and just the website URL. As a server owner, you don't have to list the website URL, or you could list something else here. This is very simple, and that might be what users need, they need, because it's not like they will be staring at your MOTD all day.

Example 4
This MOTD is really nice. It simply lists the company and a slogan for the server. Very nice simple, and it stands out.

Example 5

Finally, the MOTD can be used to send messages to your users. Some people actually use the MOTD as an actual "Message of the Day". You can also use a MOTD to tell users some events happening on the server, when a drop party is happening, etc. This is a nice idea, because users can read this, so they know what's happening in the server, without having to be on it.

Thank you for listening to my turorial.
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