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Time paradox?

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ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy avatar ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
i got to reconnect with a friend and play minecraft with them, but i only had an hour. For me it went really slow, but when the time came, she said “already?” Clearly time was going by fast for her.

information i had before this is
1. She is always ALWAYS BORED and she keeps NAGGIN ME too much when im tryina be on discord or pmc
2. 2022 barely existed for me. It went by so fast :0

3. time usually flies before my eyes

using this information, its either our differed emotions and personalities caused time to warp into different speeds from our own perspectives, or ive been time traveling throughout the whole year, see ya next time while i question what is happening :)

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08/17/2022 12:20 am
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
Greief avatar
Probable the first one

I don’t remember messing with time lately
08/17/2022 7:59 am
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
ThatCatWanderingTheGalaxy avatar
Me neither
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