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Tomeka Beach

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avatar Tomeka
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  A normal girl, with a normal life, is who we will be telling a story about... In a completely bland 'magic-less' world, Tomeka Beach longed for something more. Tomeka, was a 15 year old girl with a strong frame but average height. Crystal viridescent eyes, tan skin, wavy chestnut brown hair, large feathery eyelashes, and an overwhelming amount of freckles characterized the young girl. Commonly, she would wear a 90's looking pink and blue oversized coat, light blue jean shorts, a backwards ball cap, and a deep purple t-shirt. She longed for a supernatural event, to experience an inhuman event. This desire, may have come from watching so many supernatural-themed shows, but anyone who told her that she read too many comic books or watched too much tv got a disapproving sassy look. On the first day of Summer break, Tommie (Tomeka) was laying on the carpet in her room- watching her favorite Hulu series, My Hero Academia. (I seriously recommend watching it- not sponsored!) She watched with wide eyes and a big grin as the characters fought with each other, using their superpowers as weapons instead of guns and the normal type of violence you'd expect. However, on this specific day, she wasn't ready for what would happen- what she had been longing for, for so long..
 Tommie Beach; Would get to live out a life of fantasy because of a mistake she makes.. But living that life is tough, and she's determined to show the people there that she's the toughest.  
CreditI do not own My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia, I just wanted to write about an non-cannon oc that I made for it. I am not in any way attempting to call BNHA my own! All rights go to the makers/producers of the show.

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