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Twas the night before blockmas Poem

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avatar atomicsonic100
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Twas the Night Before BlockmasBy Atomicsonic100
Twas the night before blockmasAnd all the landNot a player was stirringAnd not one was banned
The chests were placed By the chimney with careIn hopes that St. NotchSoon would be there
The players were laying all snug on their bedsWhile visions of cake danced in their headsAnd mom with her bucket and I with my swordStored our tools and then we snored
When out on the farm arose a loud boomI sprang from my nap and ran out the roomOutside I went with a spring and a dashI grabbed my sword, ready for a clash
The full moon shone beautifully on the snowThen I saw something that made me say whoa!A shiny red sleigh full of presents and cheerBeing pulled by eight pretty pig-deer
The rider, you see with his Mojang cape,Was driving the sleigh next to a wooden crateThen quicker than spiders he called and yelledA wide sort of names that made me compelled
On creeper! On Spider! On zombie and chickenOn pigger! On slimer! On sheeper and squidenTo the top of the mountain and the End dimension!Oh! And the places I forgot to mention!
As the sleigh flew off I stood there in aweI stood there till I heard a small sheep go baaI dashed back inside full of Cheer and GleeI ran to the room with our Blockmas tree.
I saw no one there, but then from the chimneyDown came St. Nick, Clearly full of gleeHe stared at me quick, then went to workI stared at him which is one of my quirks.
He filled all our chest with cookies and cakeAnd then something happened that made me shakeI rose from my bed with a big crashWhich made something make a huge bash
Had I dreamed it up? I thought going downstairsWas it all fake? I said with despairThen outside arose a loud cheerI dashed from the room following my ear
As I went outside passed a big treeI looked up and filled with gleeI heard St. Notch as he flew away"Merry Blockmas to all, and to all a good day!"

12/11/2011 8:13 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
I love it!
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