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VB.Net - Minecraft Launcher v1.9.1

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melonblockmelon's Avatar melonblockmelon
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Hey guys. So I was bored one day and I made afake Minecraft Launcher in Visual Basic.

You can download the project files (a .zip file) in the big boxes to the right. I made the fake Launcher in Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express.Any questions please leave in the Comments.


  1. VB Project Files1.9.1(only works with Visual Basic 2010!)
  2. Launcher Result1.9.1 (executable file)
  3. Visual Basic Express 2010(optional! for source coders)

All Downloads List:https://www.mediafire.com/myfiles.php#21kr8d5eaqray

Please read the info below.

2. Features
  • Options button opens!
  • Login button doesn't actually work (it will soon!)
  • The Minecraft News
  • Links open the .minecraft directory and the Mojang Register page!
  • Textboxes, checkboxes, links, and buttons designed to look like the real Minecraft Launcher
  • Fonts styled to look the same as the Launcher
  • NEW! .minecraft directory link in the Options works! And it shows your computer's login name!

Upcoming Features
  • I might make the new Launcher for in Minecraft 1.6 (maybe 2.0)

  • When the Launcher is maximized, login area will show up better
Creditthe people who made the Launcher; it's very nice ;)

4 Update Logs

Version 1.9.1 : by melonblockmelon 10/09/2013 7:16:41 pmOct 9th, 2013

- .minecraft directory link in the Options works!
- the link shows your computer's login name!
- fixed executable icon problem

- sorry if the .minecraft directory link is giving you problems! i'm working on it!

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10/15/2016 6:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MonsterMash2005's Avatar
i cant login -.-