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What we need in Minecraft.

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avatar Turtleundercove
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
I asked myself what we needed in minecraft and these our what I came up with. The first thing I would add is villagers that expand there own village and population. This would add a need for a miner to collect cobblestone, ores, and other blocks found in the mines. They could also add a lumberjack to get wood for the village and make sticks for the crafting of tools and weapons. I understand that there is mods for this and I really enjoy playing those but this would also be a great feature just to add for vanilla. They should also make the chisel mod actually happen in Vanilla. Giving us a few hundred more block textures would be awsome this could make the stone cutter more useful and as a builder it adds some more blocks in the ballet. A small cosmetic could also be a connection of bricks into stone like if I place a stone brick next to a stone block the stone brick intrudes into the stone a little to add a transition. This would really only work on stones and bricks as wood would not look as good. These would be a awsome thing to add in general.

Comment down below what you would add to minecraft. Im Curious please let me know!!!!
Like others ideas also if you like them!!!

04/21/2020 5:47 pm
Level 43 : Master Droid
i've been watch those videos for a while . i believe there you vids . still waiting on the pack to be released
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