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ripeideal's Avatar ripeideal
Level 15 : Journeyman Archer
comeing soon to Minecraft: Minecraft 1.3.3 THE HOLLOWEEN update.Added witches candy trick or treaters.

Zombies can also spawn with armor + weapons.Added Bats too. COMEING October 31 or 30 not sure about date. But it's in this year 2012. So get it when it comes out!!! sorry I havent been updating this blog but the 1.4.2 1.4.4 & 1.4.5 updates have arrived and in 1.4.5 you now can spawn baby mobs with spawn eggs be checking update news looking for BABY ZOMBIE'S & BABY ZOMBIE PIGMAN this is all i'm going to tell you till further notice :)

I know no more updates have been happening lately go to http://mojang.com for snapshots of PC I think you can get PE snapshots so on your mobile device go to the website up there.NEW UPDATE AVAILIBLE!!!!!!it's the 1.4.6 update and it was first realesed this morning 1:25am and I already got it it added fireworks enchanted books a christmas suprise I actually dont know how to use fireworks in this update but also alot of enchantments have been tweaked enabled touch screen on hands and inventory (touch scree computer only) . Many issues have been fixed.Thats all till further notice :).

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