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Wither Warrior (Hand-drawn)

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 44 : Master Dolphin
I couldn’t fit the weapons in because the paper was too small
The Wither Warrior
The Wither Warrior is a boss that is a Wither and Wither Skeleton combined together
You only can spawn it by putting 2 Pistons 2 blocks away from each other and spawning a Wither and Wither Skeleton at the two empty blocks in between the pistons and pushing/pulling the pistons together with a lever/button/whatever

Health: 10,000 HP
Height : 6 blocks
Wideness: 4x2 blocks
Spawn At: Only able to be spawned by Player or Command
Drops: 100% 3 Wither Skulls, 10% Wither Sword, 5% Wither Bow and 1% Wither Warrior Armor

Attack Methods
Wither Bow:
1. Shoots an arrow that will give you Blindness, Wither, Slowness and Weakness when hit, shoots like a normal skeleton only the bow and arrows are bigger, the Wither effect deals damage but the arrow does not
2. If you are 1 block close to it, it will slam its bow into you which will deal 20 damage
3. Jumps up and twirls around rapidly firing arrows in every direction which will deal 5 damage per arrow

Wither Sword:
1. Raises its sword and bringing it back down again, if hit will deal 50 damage
2. Will spin around slashing its sword, if hit will deal 100 damage
3. Will slash its sword at you, if hit will deal 40 damage

1. Will shoot a black-coloured laser from its eyes which will give you the Wither Effect

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06/06/2022 7:32 am
Level 37 : Artisan Loremaster
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX
Xx_Alone_1244 - Offical_xX avatar
Funny drawing >:D

Is it too overpowered?
06/06/2022 10:00 am
Level 44 : Master Dolphin
KaiOceansword avatar
Wait until you see Entity_001
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