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Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
Hello all minecraftians out there! I love minecraft. it is such a great game, and very addicting. but the thing that makes minecraft such a great game is the amount of content in it and downloadable. there is literary thousands of mods, texture packs and at least a billion skins that you can download or create yourself. and the things you can build are endless. just yesterday i started construction on a town near a church i built to morn the loss of my friends dog that i accedently killed. then i went around it terrorizing imaginary people by using ender pearls to sneak into their homes and stealing their diamonds.

When i play minecraft i am a builder. honestly the monsters in that game scare the bejjebez out of me. minecraft could be the next rise of nightmares. also as a builder i need everything to be looking at its best. but since my laptop can hardly run on short render distance HD textures are not the best idea. i am currently using the Misa Love texture pack. it is a 64x64 so its not to harsh but keeps it looking amazing.

I am not a big fan of game changing mods so the only one i use is SPC (single player commands). but as the name suggests i cant use it on my server. but there i can switch between creative and survival so not much of a problem. SPC should really just be renamed the everything you will ever need in minecraft mod. although finding the block codes can be kinda difficult its still really great.

anyway hope you enjoyed this blog!

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