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Your #1 Minecraft GUIDE! Part 1: Bases

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When you first spawn in a sp or smp minecraft world it is important to set yourself up from the start. As soon as you spawn head off into the world and collect vital resources like wood and stone.
IDEA #1: If you want to survive in mp: build your base in a forest, mountain or underground with natural coverings.

In your base you want to have:
#1: Crafting chamber
#2: Sleeping chamber
#3: Furnace Room
#4: Store Room (Make a secret place to hide your valuables)
#5 Brewery and Enchantment room

For Defensive purposes:
#1: Walls or high fences
#2 Lookout tower
#3 Beacon Tower
#4 Perimeter
#5 Snow Golems
#6 Door Bells
#7 Panic Room
#8 Secret Tunnels
#9 Archery Tower

Extras (Which can be helpful)
#1 A Lab to test contraptions
#2 Library with or without an enchantment table
#3 Portal Room
#4 Cobblestone generator
#5 Mine Entrance
#6 Obsidian generator
#7 Farms (auto are helpful)
#8 Mob farm
#9 Food storage
#10 Indoor Lake for fishing

Warning do NOT try to build your house on the first night as you will probably get killed by mobs. (Just make a small cabin or dirt house and gather supplies).

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