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Youtube Tips: How to Get More Views/Subs

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avatar MtnDewey
Level 73 : Legendary Modder
Ok guys, along with my modding hobby, I also like to youtube. I make mostly mod reviews right now, I have been planning on getting a bigger variety of videos, to reach more users. Anyways, I started out youtube a while ago and dreamed to become famous. I still am not now, but I'm definetly working towards it. If you know what I'm talking about and want to read on, go ahead. But coming from me, with 25 subs and 7 videos, I may not know all the secrets. But I do know some tips to get you started an respected in the youtube community. And respect brings you subs. Also, if you want to see some examples of well done videos, check out my channel here. Anyways, here are my tips for you.

- Make your video title look nice.
  • Make it neat
  • Say what the viewer might be looking for
  • Use title format (Capital letters on important words)
  • Example of a bad title is: "me playing minecraft again"
  • A good version of that title would be "Minecraft Playthrough Pt. 2"
- Go through the extra work of making a nice thumbnail (the thumbnail is the picture representing the video before you click on it)
  • If you don't have photoshop, get GIMP or Paint.NET and make it look nice.
  • You can probably find some templates online. I found one for a minecraft spotlight and it saved my life.
  • Make it show what the video is about.
  • Put the title on it, and if it's in a series, put the part number.
  • If you don't know how to upload thumbnails with your videos, there are tutorials online for that.

- Get some views on your videos
  • If your video is a mod review, you can ask the mod author to post your video in the description for more views.
  • Post your videos to websites.
  • Find your way to spread the word around, if no one sees your videos then how will they sub to you?

- Make your description nice
  • Put a small summary of the video in the description.
  • Add some links, maybe to subscribe to you, or to your planet minecraft account.
  • Make it neat and indented.

- Now to the most important part. Your videos!!!
  • Your videos have to be interesting. People will just click away if they aren't.
  • Don't do mod reviews on boring mods or random item mods.
  • Make sure your videos have some sort of intro to hook your viewer in.
  • Write a small script, if you want to.
  • Don't make your videos too long. You can split them into seperate parts.
  • Use good editing if you have to. A good program that you can use if Sony Vegas.
  • Make sure your sound and video quality are bearable.
  • But overall, the thing that will get you the most views is being special. Try to let people know that you're different in some way, and that they are privileged to watch you. That's what makes a good youtuber, or video producer in general.

Overall, just make sure your channel looks professional.

Rememer you can always check out my channel for examples here.

That's about it. I hope you take this advice and make your videos great and get tons of subs and get known by people. Also, this was my first blog so I hope you enjoyed it and I might be coming back with more tutorials or stories. On that note, I'll see you guys (and also I've been working on updating my mod so it'll be out soon).

09/02/2017 8:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
can I add this link on my youtube video for those gonna start there own channel.It's gonna be helpful
09/23/2014 8:54 pm
Level 26 : Expert Archer
Sigh, every good video editor is paid! Except for iMovie, but it got updated in Mavericks and now it SUCKS...
09/24/2014 10:36 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Modder
you can always demo programs for 30 days (or crack them)
02/04/2015 4:12 am
Level 98 : Overlord Ninja
You shouldn't crack programs for commercial use...
04/26/2014 5:59 am
Level 43 : Master Droid
Hi Jond311 I'm trying to send you messages for weeks now. PMC is starting to annoy me. Please contact me. robin@mcserversoft.com
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