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ZNameCraft Review

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avatar hiphoplives
Level 1 : New Miner
ZNameCraft is a great new City Roleplay server. Tons of people have been trying to find that one roleplay server where it has it all. Well this pretty much tops that. Do you like the army? Join the army. Do you want to be the President? Run for the President! Like I said you can do pretty much anything you can in real life. This is not  A modded server. It has plugins that allow us to have cars planes, High military battleships and more!  
       When I joined this server this was my first thought. My god its great. The staff is amazing. Some server ranks include: Crime Lord, President, Pilot, Tredef ( Tredef is the rank for the army. It stands for Tressolum Defense. I will get to this later.) You can be pretty much anything that you can in the current time. This server has a /today command. It makes the days go by minecraft days. A minecraft day is 20 minutes. SO every 20 minutes is a new day!
       Now let me explain the details of the server. The country is called Tressolum. It was named Tressolum after the war. The current President is Chong Treadway. (Chong Treadway = bchong) 
       Things you want to do in this server is have a good job to earn lots of cash to buy great things.  Travel the towns. Just keep it in Roleplay. :D
      This server and review have been made possible by 3 people. There names Are Bchong, DarkCove_ and Acho. These people have made this server great. I enjoy playing on it so so much. You will to. Currently the server has 20 slots for players. The owner is trying to get more. He is trying to double it to 40-50. It needs your help by joining it and roleplaying.

Server Ip is -

Servers Website is - http://znamecraft.enjin.com/
Thanks for reading this. It means a lot to me and this server. I want to thank you personally for your time. - Hiphoplives
Btw If you join the server from this post. tell them Hiphoplives sent me :D

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06/18/2014 2:52 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Please Join the Server :D

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