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Zombe Mod [How to]

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Zombe mod is one of the most popular mods out for Minecraft right now. It allows you to fly, see through walls and even find where those precious diamonds are located, but it is tricky to install. This will be a simple step-by-step tutorial on installing this wonderful mod!

Zombe Mod

Download: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/91055-v100-zombes-modpack-26-mods-v56-upd-19nov/

List of single player mods in current version:

  • boom - Damage Control can remove creeper damage and prevent explosions from removing ores.
  • build - Classic Building is an infinite supply of blocks you are using and fast destruction of blocks without needed tools.
  • cart - Cart Control allows you to drive the minecraft using your regular moving keys.
  • chest - Auto-store is an option to automatically store items on top of chest.
  • death - Death Behavior can alter what happens when you die.
  • dig - Digging Adjustments can alter digging speeds and gives an option to harvest all blocks regardless of tool requirements.
  • furnace - Custom Smelting Recipes can alter furnace functionality and change fuels / smelting recipes.
  • growth - Plant Growth will makes saplings root themselves.
  • icon - Container Content Icons will show item icons in game for all containers.
  • items - Item/Block Properties enables customization of all blocks and items in game.
  • ore - Ore Redistribution will redistribute all ores by customization rules.
  • recipe - Custom Crafting Recipes will enable user customization crafting recipes.
  • resize - Critter Size Variety varies the sizes and health of various critters and mobs.
  • spawn - Critter Spawn Control can disable spawning on various surfaces and reduce some spawns.
  • teleport - Teleportation will add functionality for user defined blocks to enable teleportation of players, critters and items.
  • weather - Weather Control adds an in-game weather controller and options to change weather effects, duration and frequency.

List of single player and multiplayer mods in current version:
  • cheat - Cheat adds a few helpers for tough times or just useful things in conjunction with other mods.
  • cloud - Cloud Control can change cloud level or turn them off.
  • compass - Compass adds an alternate spawn point you can use with compass.
  • craft - Craft All Key will let you craft as many times as possible with only one click.
  • fly - Flying enables flying without creative mode.
  • info - World Information provides additional miscellaneous information.
  • path - aka Path Tracker (shows an on screen animated path you have taken.
  • sun - Sun Control can change time or even stop it.
  • safe - Critter Spawn Highlighter shows the spots that do not have enough light to prevent spawning.
  • wield - Wield Key provides a "panic" button, if presssed a bow and sword is wielded.


Before attempting to install Zombe mod, please make sure you have your HD Patchers and Mod Loader installed if you are going to use them, installing after Zombe mod is installed will result in it breaking.

Step 1: Find your Minecraft.jar and open it using Winrar or a similar program.
  • File path: %appdata% > .minecraft > bin > minecraft.jar

You can find this by going to your start bar and using the run command and typing %appdata%. Once you find the minecraft.jar you will need to right-click and open with winrar or a similar program.

Step 2: Delete the META-INF folder inside your minecraft.jar file.

Step 3: Add all the .class files located inside the "classes" folder that came in the download. These should be added directly into the minecraft.jar file.

Step 4: Add all the files in the "config" folder to the mods section inside a folder called "zombe".

  • File path: %appdate% > .minecraft > mods > zombe

If there is not already a folder called "zombe", then create it. Please pay attention to the spelling, it is "zombe" not "zombie".

Step 5: Once you reach this step you must now go into the config files you just moved.

  • File path: %appdata% > .minecraft > mods > zombe > config.txt

Once you have config.txt opened you may begin to get a little confused. Be careful what you delete and/or add in this file.

Look for the specific mod you want to turn on and remove the "#" from in front of it.

All these mods will be labeled with #mod"name"Enabled, to turn it on simply remove the "#" from in front of it. This does not mean remove all the "#" symbols, only the one in front of the first line that has "Enabled" in it.

After enabling your mod, be sure there are no key mappings you need to do. If enabling the fly mod, you will need to change your up/down keys and your fly speed.

If you are still having troubles with the Zombe mod after this tutorial you can refer yourself here for more help;


Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for viewing!

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11/03/2012 11:05 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
BoxCraftCommunity's Avatar
The Icon part of the Mod isn't working for me! The icons aren't showing up in-game. Help?
11/04/2012 1:07 am
Level 46 : Master Ninja
Anthrophobic's Avatar
What version of the game are you running and are you sure the version of Zombe Mod you are running is the updated version for the version of MC you are running?
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