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Camping Datapack 1.18-1.17

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AxeChopper600 avatar AxeChopper600
Level 23 : Expert Crafter
This datapack adds or encourages a type of play style where players explore their Minecraft world, especially with the new 1.18/1.19 update.

Tent: makes mobs run away from it
Marshmallow: can only be cooked on a campfire, and takes 10 seconds to cook
Sleeping Bed: acts like a bed but can also skip the day
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

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01/18/2022 8:53 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
SaphireXari avatar
Attempted to use this one today. When i put a sleeping bag under the tent zombies continuously spawn and die, dropping stacks upon stacks of flesh. The tent and bag are extremely cute, if only they'd work for me.

EDIT: additionally, a free-roaming visible Stray mob spawns occasionally when I place a tent. The Mob has the nametag "Ghoul". These Mobs maintain zombie sounds despite being a skeleton mob variety.
02/01/2022 11:58 amhistory
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
LittleUphir avatar
I've noticed the same bug of the spawning and killing of the zombies. I did notice it happens when I place them on the same block. Kind of breaks the allure of the sleeping bag and tent. I do notice it takes over the image of my creeper egg or more deletes the image. (in creative mode)

I've enjoyed this datapack, and when an update comes up that fixes the zombie bug I'll be sure to update. Great job!

Edit: I have also noticed the tent registers as a creeper so if I place a normal bed (to avoid the zombie bug) I can't sleep due to monsters being nearby.

Edit 2: (sorry for all the edits) I have found out something big about the bug. Anything that shares the block, like snow, with the sleeping bag causes the zombie bug.
02/09/2022 7:48 amhistory
Level 23 : Expert Crafter
AxeChopper600 avatar
I think I fixed the zombie glitch, I fixed the glitch with the bed, and the creeper spawn egg. Thanks for your input!
01/03/2022 5:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Okto avatar
Very cool datapack but there is a bug that duplicates a marchmallows can you please fix that?
01/14/2022 5:02 pm
Level 23 : Expert Crafter
AxeChopper600 avatar
Can you explain to me how you did that bug so I can fix it? Thanks.
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