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Required Resource Pack
  • avatar DJChimodragon
    Level 44 : Master Modder
    This the full playlist on this datapack.

    Eldritch Forge:
    To craft the eldritch forge (the crafting table for this datapack) you need 6 iron ingots, one light weighted pressure plate, one redstone torch, and one lava bucket. Their is a picture on the shape. Once you craft it you can right click it to place the block down. All further recipes are done inside the eldritch forge.

    The batter is crafted inside the eldritch forge. It requires 4 iron, 2 redstone dust, and one gold ingot. Battery is a crafting item, so it will apper in other crafting recipes. It is crafted like so:
    (__ means it is left empty, ii = iron ingot, gi = gold ingot, rd = redstone dust)
    __, ii, rd,
    ii, gi, it,
    rd, ii, __

    The generator is crafted inside the eldritch forge. It requires a blast furnace, 3 iron ingots, and a battery. The generator produces 50 hp (hex pixels is the unit to measure power in this datapack) when you fuel it (like a furnace, but you can not smelt anything in it). It is crafted like so:
    (__ means it is left empty, ii = iron ingot, bt = battery, bf = blast furnace)
    __, bt, __,
    ii, ii, ii,
    __, bf, __

    Wire is crafted inside the eldritch forge. It requires 2 iron nuggets and a redstone dust. Wire when placed down sends power to other machines. Little lightning bolts will appear on the wire if it is transferring power. A machine has to be place next to a wire for it to receive power, but the wire does not have to directly run into it. It is crafted like so:
    (__ means it is left empty, in = iron nuggets, rd = redstone dust)
    __, in, __,
    __, rd, __,
    __, in, __,


    A pulverizer is a machine crafted inside the eldritch forge. It requires 4 iron ingots, 2 gold ingots, a iron block, 2 stone cutters, and one redstone dust. It can be placed down. When a gold or iron ore is thrown into the pulverizer, and it is being powered. it will start grinding it up. After 50 seconds it will deposit 2 iron dust per iron ore thrown in/ 2 gold dust per gold ore thrown in on top of a ender magnet within one block of it. If their is no ender magnet within range the ore is lost! The dust then can be smelted down into its ingot form, doubling your ingots per ore! It is crafted like so:
    (ib = iron block, ii = iron ingot, gi = gold ingot, rd = redstone dust, sc = stonecutter, and a number next to it is how many go in that slot)

    ii, rd, ii,
    gi, sc2, gi
    ii, ib, ii

    Ender Magnet:

    A ender magnet is used for collecting items from machines, and is crafted in the eldritch forge. It requires 4 iron ingots, 4 redstone dust, ad one ender pearl. It is place down on any block's hit box that is smaller than 16 by 16 by 16 (slabs, hoppers, cauldrons, ect). When a machine outputs items (like the pulverizer) they will appear on top of the ender magnet. It is crafted like so:
    ( ii = iron ingot, ep = ender pearl, rd = redstone dust)
    ii, rd, ii,
    rd, ep, rd,
    ii, rd, ii,

    Conveyor Belt

    Conveyor belts are crafted in the eldritch forge. It requires 4 iron ingots, 3 leather, one gold nugget, and one redstone dust. It crafts 4 conveyor belts per craft. It moves all entities, (except for players and armor stand :{ ). One the side of the conveyor belt is an arrow showing what way it moves them. It is directional, and ender magnets can be placed on them. It is crafted like so.

    (ii = iron ingot, rd = redstone dust, gn = gold nugget, lh = leather)

    lh, lh, lh,
    ii, gn, ii
    ii, rd, ii

    Ice and Fire Dragons

    Ice dragons are found naturally in snowy places. Fire dragons are found in the nether, and have fire resistance. Both dragons have a fly ability, where the fly into the air, and deal double damage if they land on you. Both dragons have 100 health, 4 armor points, and deal 3 hearts of damage. Their is a chance if the hit you and you block i with a shield, they will be "stunned". They can't move for a few seconds and then release explosion particle once it's over. The ice dragon can summon an ice block over your head. After a few seconds, the ice block explodes dealing damage and applying weakness and slowness. The fire dragon shoots a fire ball at you.


    The ice and fire dragon have a chance to drop any of these items:

    2-3 gold.
    a ender pearl.
    a fang.
    a ice scale for ice dragons, and a fire scale for fire dragons.

    Fang Blade

    A fang Blade is crafted in the eldritch forge. It requires 2 fangs and one stick in the same shape as a sword, but flipped upside down. It deals 5 damage, is unbreakable, and apply a second of slowness to a target you hit with it.


    Ice bound shields are made in the eldritch forge. Put a shield in the middle, to the left and right put a ice scale. The Ice Shield in your mainhands gives you 2 extra hearts, and in your offhand gives you knock back resistance. A flaming shield is crafted like a ice bound shield but with fire scales. It gives you extra damage in either the offhand or mainhand.
    Credithttps://mcstacker.net/. https://advancements.thedestruc7i0n.ca/
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
    toMinecraft 1.16 Snapshot

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    03/25/2020 6:39 amhistory
    Level 36 : Artisan Dragonborn
    ls this supposed to be part tech datapack and part magic datapack?
    03/26/2020 5:34 pm
    Level 44 : Master Modder
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