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CutClean DataPack

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    Arnu515's Avatar Arnu515
    Level 26 : Expert Miner
    Have you heard of UHC? Yes, the ultra hardcore mode that most youtubers play. There is a plugin for UHC called CutClean which is like an essential sort of plugin for UHC. Some features of cutclean include - Giving cooked foods upon killing animals, smelting iron & gold ore automatically, etc. I bring to you the same plugin, but in datapack form!

    What it does:
    - Mobs that drop food like cows, pigs, salmon, etc now drop their cooked variants
    - Leaves now can drop 1-3 apples, 1 golden apple or nothing
    - Iron ore drops 2-8 iron ingots
    - Gold ore drops 4-16 gold ingots
    - Diamond ore drops 1-2 diamond blocks
    - Universal dying recipes(vanillatweaks.net) meaning, you can die, for eg. black wool to blue wool
    - Craftable God apple
    More coming soon! Drop your suggestions

    Known issues:
    - Silk touch on modified blocks doesn't drop normally. Instead, it drops the modified loot
    Creditvanillatweaks.net for the universal dying crafting recipes
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14

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    01/25/2020 10:22 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    islasmith's Avatar
    could you please make it compatible for Minecraft 1.15
    01/23/2020 10:01 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    jGaurd's Avatar
    Can u make light apples ? 8 nuggets around a Apple?
    09/10/2019 3:18 am
    Level 19 : Journeyman Pony
    tjktakbuongu's Avatar
    I am terribly sorry if I sound offensive.

    I like the effort which you put into this datapack but I want to tell you this is not hardcore, this data pack actually makes the game a lot easier.
    09/22/2019 8:15 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    MrMintman's Avatar
    It's not intended for hardcore. UHC = UltraHardCore. UHC is like skywars, seperate to the main game, it has multiple different modes, one of which is cutclean. This datapack is basically just the cutclean mode in datapack form.
    09/11/2019 2:25 pm
    Level 42 : Master Modder
    JadeCrystalCat's Avatar
    it seems like all he did was change some loot tables,

    There are generators for that so I wouldn't exactly call it high effort.
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