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Boiaaang avatar Boiaaang
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
I said before that I didn't want to expand upon Soul Contract.
Well, look where we are now.

Make sure to have the folder titled "soul_contract_v2" (NOT the .zip file) in your datapacks folder; it won't work otherwise.
Many of Soul Contract's features were created in 20w20a, so certain things may be impossible in earlier or later versions.

Unlock the new Advancement tree by picking up a piece of Soul Sand for the first time; if you've already done that you'll need to figure out how to unlock them on your own. Crafting a Notch Apple or Totem of Undying are other ways to unlock the advancement tree.

Everything shown here is from the original version of the datapack; though I didn't remove and recipes, the advancement at the top is only in the original version and is replaced with several more in the second.

This is the last time I'm updating this; I need to get back to work on pack2 now that datapack week is over.
CreditI used https://crafting.thedestruc7i0n.ca/ to make like everything
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

Version 2 : 05/25/2020 2:04:50 amMay 25th, 2020

Added crafting recipes for every spawn egg, more creative-only blocks like the Structure Block, stonecutter recipes for wood, wool, and glass, as well as a way to turn (Nether) Brick Blocks back into (Nether) Bricks. ~10 new advancements added, and the creation of the strongest weapon this side of the Hubble Deep Field, SUPERNOVA, is possible now.

Keep Boogying.

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05/23/2020 5:53 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
moonapplesauce avatar
so, does the coral stay alive forever or what
05/23/2020 4:45 pm
Level 29 : Expert Goblin
Boiaaang avatar
effectively yes, if you keep re-dying it
it'll still die if you place it out of water but you can bring it back to life with dye, i guess
it kinda ruins the point of it dying but whatever the datapack is mostly experimental anyway
05/20/2020 1:27 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Tribute6 avatar
I thought that was how you craft chainmail armor...thanks for the verification!
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