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[Abandon] BlingTrees Reload - tree actually "falling" when cut

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playbabeTheBookShelf's Avatar playbabeTheBookShelf
Level 48 : Master uwu
Showcase video (I accidentally permanently delete the video after uploading to Facebook)
Warning! Not recommend using on low-end computer.
heavy amount of entity summoned when the tree is falling. your fps will terribly drop.

the current version is 1.2 please update if you are not using latest version.
UPDATE ON HOLD, facing coding issues. NO EST

....General user section....

This is datapack create to revive and improve old Sethbling's plugin call BlingTrees.


- make the tree fall when it doesn't have a supported block in the direction you looking too
- an individual tree can fall even connected to other trees. (have problem with large oak tree)
- drop it respected loot. (saplings, apple, stick, etc)
- player-place leaves will not count as the tree or part of it. (toggle able)
- can cause damage to mob (toggle able)
- limit the size of the tree, if it too large or too small it will not fall.
- make sounds when falling respect to the size
- multiplayer friendly (except some fine details)

How to open datapack menu
Simply enter the command "/function playbabe:menu/btr/open" in this menu will contain.

Leaves Limit: (default is true)
use Minecraft leaves mechanic to deside wheter or not the leaves is part of the tree (connect the log within 6 block)
all non-player place leaves consider as part of the tree. (recommand when using some kind of custom tree that larger then Vanilla)

Damage: (default is true)

falling block from the tree will have 1-2 damage.

falling block from tree won't
cause any damage (beside sufficate)

straight forward, plz do it before update or remove the datapack.

....What's next ?....

to-do list:
- installing message and uninstall menu.
- more optimizing
- bugfix if found any.
- text display in action bar if tree is too small or it's too big.
- following certificate guideline from DP community.
- toggleable debug
- tree won't fall when hold shift (toggle able)
- in-game tree size control
- guide to custom drop
- add support to nether trees in Minecraft 1.16
- option to destroy all block after fall into group (disable by default) (this isn't what datapack aim to be)

Also, check out my another datapack! CraftSound

My first/local language is Thai, do not panic if all the message in contact is Thai.
I can talk English but not very good at grammar.
[Abandon] BlingTrees Reload - tree actually "falling" when cut Minecraft Data Pack[Abandon] BlingTrees Reload - tree actually "falling" when cut Minecraft Data Pack
CreditSethbling's plugin name BlingTrees.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.16

6 Update Logs

Update v1.2 Certified Update (Minor) : by playbabeTheBookShelf 09/18/2020 12:33:54 pmSep 18th, 2020

  • The datapack is now Certified! now it is compatibility with other certified datapack
  • Subtitle telling you if the tree is too big or too small.

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10/24/2022 1:54 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
RubiksSoccer913's Avatar
05/24/2022 2:43 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Bear
Fotatata's Avatar
can you pls add nether trees any time soon? or then allow me to do it
05/25/2022 1:35 am
Level 48 : Master uwu
playbabeTheBookShelf's Avatar
This datapack is kinda abandon, sry. feel fre to fork it.
05/25/2022 3:45 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Bear
Fotatata's Avatar
nice, ill do that
12/19/2021 9:11 am
Level 39 : Artisan Strawberry
Arthur_cds's Avatar
This is really well made, even has an in game chat menu! The sound of the chest and the rain to simulate leaves, very nice!
12/20/2021 3:34 am
Level 48 : Master uwu
playbabeTheBookShelf's Avatar
11/20/2021 10:57 am
Level 33 : Artisan Bear
Fotatata's Avatar
Hey, your datapack does something never done before, i really apreciatte it, however, when i chop down some trees, they end up giving less logs than they should, maybe you could fix this by making falling blocks that dont end up placed drop its loottable, because i noticed that when the leaves get placed first, the logs dont have anywhere to drop and just dispawn, giving you less logs per tree
11/21/2021 6:06 am
Level 48 : Master uwu
playbabeTheBookShelf's Avatar
it did? If the block can't replace it should drop the loot.

Problem would be that it stuck hidden in those leaves.
11/28/2021 1:14 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Bear
Fotatata's Avatar
oh ok makes sense, btw when 1.16 nether trees support? js
09/06/2021 9:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DamienBrittan's Avatar
You should checkout "ChopDown and ChopDown Updated" maybe there's something you can take to make your datapack better .

And I think there should be a possibility to turn off falling tree sound
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