Explosive Stare!

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                  avatar Bertiecrafter
                  Level 55 : Grandmaster Cyborg

                  With this data pack installed, any mob within 8 blocks that you have eye contact with explodes!

                  Unfortunately, there are some problems due to the way Minecraft works:
                  • Babies will explode if you look at where the eyes of the adult would have been.
                  • Minecraft doesn't store rotation during the idle animation accurately. This means that the rotation you see doesn't equal the rotation the game knows about and looking at a mob eyes won't always cause it to explode. The rotation often equals the direction the mob last walked in.
                  • Most mobs don't have vertical rotation, even if their heads can rotate vertically. This means that according to the game an mob might not be looking at a player, even though it visually appears to do so.
                  Although these side effects cause the mechanic more to be an occasional surprise than an actual reliable mechanic, I thought it was still funny and cool enough to release.

                  Enjoy! =)

                  Install Instructions

                  I encountered a bug! What do I do now?

                  CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

                  09/27/2020 11:33 amhistory
                  Level 55 : Grandmaster Cyborg
                  Thank you Luracasmus, pettyGamingHD, Chimerabot, DAFROGMASTER1, CornCobDog, Yolo4321, FishStacks, stlMitch, LoieWasHERE, IdioticEd2008, WaffleWolf- and Dino5400 for the diamonds!
                  09/27/2020 10:21 am
                  Level 28 : Expert Lemon
                  This probably makes creepers twice as dangerous
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