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Aegeroth2 avatar Aegeroth2
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
Do you like farming in Minecraft? Do you have a particular love of cereal crops? Well too bad, farming potatoes is 9 times betters! Wheat's only good for one thing, and that's cow farming, which is almost 5 times better than crafting meager bread. Have I convinced you of the need for a farming rebalance? Probably not, but below is what this data pack does regardless:
    • Cows, sheep, pigs, and mooshrooms now only drop one of their respective meat drop, like chickens do.
    • Wheat and beetroot seeds now drop at a lower rate from fully grown crops, but are still frequent enough for expansion.
    • Potato crops, and to a lesser degree carrot crops, now drop significantly less potatoes and carrots.
    • Rabbits now drop at least 1 raw rabbit, and rabbit hides drop more generously.
    • Wheat and beetroot seeds drop at a lower rate from fully grown crops, but are still frequent enough for expansion.
    • Beetroot soup now only requires 3 beetroot.
The goal of this data pack is to make farming just a bit more balanced. Potatoes are still a little better than bread on a per block basis, but you still need to cook them, and carrots are a little worse per block, but are ready to be eaten straight from the ground. Beetroot now actually provides the most nutrition per block of the crop foods, in the form of soup, but can't be stacked. Animals are still an excellent food source, but no longer many times over in comparison to bread.

Now I know what you're thinking. Uploader, doesn't this literally just make the game slightly more difficult? You are correct. But it relieves my neuroticism, and if you care about food balance in Minecraft, maybe you'll enjoy it too.

The data pack might work in earlier versions, but 1.17 is as early as I've tested.

Balance change ideas are welcome.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

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