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God Sword Datapack (1.19.x)

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Required Resource Pack
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Adds a sword craftable with an end rod, 2 netherite ingots, a nether star and an enchanted golden apple (view 'Other Versions' for different crafting recipes)

Sword Powers
The sword is EXTREMELY unstable, crafted with so much power which is hard to contain. Once held, it will explode in a burst of power, launching nearby enemies and making them glow. This happens every time you equip the sword, unless it was triggered less than 2 minutes ago.
When held, the sword gives you an extra row of hearts, fire resistance, strength 2, speed 2 and conduit power.
The sword also comes naturally with all maxed enchantments except for mending, bane of arthropods and smite.
For a showcase view the YouTube video linked. Sneaking allows to summon lightning every 5 seconds. Sprinting leaves a trail of fire (but walking is the same sprinting speed without holding the sword).

A new advancement is added called 'A God is born'. This advancement is obtainable when someone crafts and obtains the God Sword for the first time. It lets everyone else now you're the boss.

NOTE: Cannot be obtained from receiving the item, it must be crafted (no, killing someone and obtaining it from them won't grant you the achievement).

Creative Commands
/function cool:givesword --> Give you the God Sword
/function cool:ravage --> Kills all non player mobs and their drops (idk I was bored lol)
/reload --> Reloads the world and all datapacks (useful if you added your datapack while you are already in your world), also displays a confirmation that the datapack has been loaded in the chat.

Other Versions
(1.17 - 1.18.1) Blaze rod instead of end rod: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2hs7xiud33qt2nk/GodSword(blazerod).zip/file
(1.17 - 1.18.1) Netherite ingots instead of scraps: https://www.mediafire.com/file/djij8ewaof35j06/GodSword(netheriteingot).zip/file

Known Bugs/Annoying things
- A 'recipe unlocked' toast shows up in the top right every time the God Sword is crafted.
- God Swords crafted with earlier versions of the datapack (before 6th of April 2022) will not appear textured in the resource pack.

- Can I use this datapack on my Minecraft server?
- Is there a custom resource pack for this datapack?
Yes, PixelSaber has made one.
- Can I use the datapack without the resource pack?
Yes, the resource pack is only there to make your sword look awesome. Otherwise it will look like a normal netherite sword.

Owner info and Credits
Also consider subscribing to MPCT on YouTube (me) who made the Datapack and is only at 170 subs :) Be sure to subscribe if you want to see more videos and Datapacks.
PixelSaber is the creator of the resource pack.
Legitimoose is the YouTuber who taught me the ways of the Datapack.
CreditThank you Legitimoose for teaching me the ways of Datapacks and thank you PixelSaber for offering to create a resource pack.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

3 Update Logs

Update v2.0 : by MPCT 09/15/2022 7:06:40 amSep 15th, 2022

Game Changing

- Updated to 1.19.x
- Added God Sword tag (enables renaming of the God Sword)
- Added power destabilisation: launches enemies in the air every 120 seconds when equipping the sword
- Nerfed lightning summoning to happen only every 5 seconds

- Resolved inconsistencies
- Cleaned up code/commands

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