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Grappling Hook

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    Dybo37's Avatar Dybo37
    Level 37 : Artisan Nerd
    I made a Grapple Hook using command blocks. All you need to do to get it is install the datapack, get a fishing rod, and rename it "Grapple Hook".
    After that you can use the grappling hook as you want, and hopefully you have fun with it!

    Thanks to OkayThenNo for converting this command block creation into a datapack!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
    toMinecraft 1.19

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    06/14/2023 4:47 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    TheJ0k3ster's Avatar
    is it possible if u could make it work for 1.20?
    04/15/2023 12:49 am
    Level 17 : Journeyman Explorer
    h373's Avatar
    Hey, I made an updated version of this which fixes some bugs and makes the grappling hook more useful (esp fo pulling yourself towards walls). I wanted to ask if you wanted to post it here.

    (If you do want to post it here or check it out then just reply and I'll post a link to download it.)

    Also I am making a big datapack myself and I wanted to ask if I could include my version in it if I give you propper credits?
    12/06/2023 8:48 amhistory
    Level 37 : Artisan Nerd
    Dybo37's Avatar
    You can use all my datapacks for your own datapacks as long as you give me credit.
    I am actually thinking about making an updated version of my grappling hook, since I personally think the one I've already make is quite bad, but you can post yours here so I can check it out.
    Also sorry for the late reply!
    11/12/2023 11:37 pm
    Level 25 : Expert System
    Okaythenno's Avatar
    I'll send this to him.
    09/21/2022 4:39 pm
    Level 20 : Expert Skinner
    Laynfire's Avatar
    The first part could be used for a leap
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