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Required Resource Pack
Deprecated's Avatar Deprecated
Level 76 : Legendary Modder
Support and development on this data pack are discontinued.

This data pack removes the need to always be eating food to avoid starving to death. Instead, food directly restores health for the same amount of HP as food points it restores.

When a player would suffer the Hunger status effect (e.g. by being attacked by a Husk, eating rotten flesh, etc.), they are instead inflicted with Slowness that reduces their speed to walking speed (much like if you let your hunger value get low enough that you can't sprint).

There is also an optional resource pack that you can download to hide the hunger bar since it's irrelevant with this data pack installed. It may conflict with some other resource packs that change some of the UI icons due to how these UI elements are stored in the same image.

If you want to use this to try and achieve a more Alpha-Minecraft-like gameplay experience, I also recommend using my Balanced Diet data pack to reduce the effective stack size of food, so inventory management of food is a conscious choice again (it also has some other interesting gameplay effects).
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

8 Update Logs

Version 9 : by Deprecated 09/25/2020 2:12:08 amSep 25th, 2020

Bugs Fixed
  • Cooked Beef incorrectly detected as both 6hp and 8hp healing.
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