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V1.1.5 The Shadow World Update! Magic Abilities Datapack (Sadly, still only for 1.18.2 as of now)

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Odysseas avatar Odysseas
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Features as of now:
Click to reveal
1) 34 Unique (Evolved included) magic types that are here to assist you in bulling your friends (magic type names are at the end of the list)
2) Easier netherite ingot gathering
3) Dead players will drop a part of their soul that gives xp and can be used to enchant and to gain more magic abilities
4) New way of getting protection 4, Unbreaking 3 and feather falling (All the way down this description)
5) Spawn protection for 20 minutes (can be turned off) so you dont get destroyed in the first 5 seconds by other players
6) A texture pack that must be paired with optifine to work and be used (Failing to do that will result in permanent sight loss. Trust me, i fell victim to it)
7) A lot of references
8) Bosses for Magic Type evolution
9) Guide
10) Better /reload UI
11) Chests that spawn when the someone starts their magic to help them level up
12) New recipes (Later on)
13) Advancements for all magics
14) No Magic only weapons
15) Great Swords (Iron --> Diamond --> Netherite (Due to skill issue on my part, damaged and repaiered great swords cant be upgraded as of yet))
16) Added a way to make Luck and Haste potions
17) Enderman drop rates got buffed (4 --> 6 enderpearls)
18) Added Mirror Stopper (Helps you to not be doxxed by a Mirror Magic User)
19) Added Soul Reseter (A non canon item that resets your Magic Type)
20) Ender Dragon went to the Gym
21) No Magic went to the Gym with the Dragon
22) Buffed Evokers
23) Ability Interactions
24) Team Items (can be used to mark someone as a team mate (They need to give you their Team Item to be considered a proper team. And no, explosions wont save you from them))
25) Added Ability Info
26) Added Credits
27) Admin tools to help with helping stuck players (/function magic:(persons magic type)/unstuck)
28) Reworked Shadow and Wither Magic
29) Added Sound Effects to abilities
30) Added more particles to abilities
31) Added Magic Type Skins (Only for Blue Fire for now)
32) Bug fixes (and probably added some new bugs in the process)
33) Optimized to be more server friendly (Tested on Aternos Servers)
34) Added consequence after killing the Dragon
35) Added a mode that you lose some xp when you die, but Player Souls give and chests give way more xp
36) All xp orbs give more xp
37) Golden Apples got a rebalance (Give Hunger but also Regen 2 for 10 seconds)

38) A whole new dimension
39) +1 more boss fight
40) 2 new ores (More uses later on)
41) New overworld structure
42) 4 new mobs (Shadow World exclusive)
43) 1 new sword (With 3 new abilities)
44) Upgradable Forging Station
45) A ton of new structures (Shadow World exclusive)
46) Custom Death Messages (Togglable)

Magic type names:
Fire magic --> Blue fire magic

Water magic --> Ice magic

Light magic

Determination (Soul bound abilities)

HATE (Soul bound abilities)

Bone magic

Dragon magic

Explosion magic

Blood magic

Time magic

Wind magic --> Storm magic

Electric magic --> Thunder magic

Shadow magic

Poison magic --> Wither magic

Dark Matter Magic becomes available

Spear Magic

Spider Magic

Ash Magic

Plasma Magic

Toxic Magic

Ink Magic

Hope (Soul Bound abilities)

LOVE (Soul Bound abilities)

Earth Magic --> Metal Magic

Plant Magic --> Nature Magic

Card Magic --> Chaos Magic

Mirror Magic [​Fixed the problem by not caring about it, now it cant reflect beams :) ]

Added Mini Forge Station (Can make Great Swords and Gauntlents for now)
Added Enchanting Station (Can make Enchanted books)
Added Advanced Brewing Station (Can make Luck and Haste potions as of now)
Their recipes are on the Guide

Important recipe:
On crafting table:
1 gold nugget 1 redstone dust 1 lapis lazuli
1 glass block 1 water bucket 1 glass block = 9 xp bottles
1 glass block

Pro tip:
Click the green text after the first "/reload" to start the datapack
Almost everything is right clickable. (Unless said otherwise by the tip next to its name or description)
To remove your magic type type "/function magic:[​magic type's name]/end (or endmagic for fire, water and light magic)
For Servers: To remove someone else's type "/execute as [​player's name] run function magic:[​magic type's name]/end (or endmagic for fire, water and light magic)
List of fabric mods (for Aternos Servers):
1) Chunky
2) fabric chunk pregen
3) lithium
4) smoothchunk
5) starlight
6) vmp fabric

1. A PC
2. Minecraft
3. Optifine
4. 1.18.2 version
5. The datapack's texture pack (For your own good)

Level up:
You level with XP, soooo.... you better start grinding (Max ability level is 200). You can also go and kill players to level up way faster or explore to find chests.

Early game:
You have spawn protection that lasts 20 minutes

Mid game:
You better start smelting coal blocks into a blast or normal furnace to get diamonds or start mining netherite

Late game:

You BETTER have netherite protection 4 armor or you will get 1 shoted by most abilities (Netherite is made easier to get by requiring 1 gold ingot and 1 scrap to make it)

If there is any issue with the datapack, tell me in the discord and ill update the datapack to fix said issues.
Discord: discord.gg/kyGUQcVvVK

Shadow World:
It is advised to join the world, /reload, leave and join again to make sure the new structures and dimension works. (Idk why it works like that)
General info:
The Shadow World portals are kinda rare, same goes for the exit.
The boss fight is hard to find and hard to beat (might nerf)
Any extra info on the mobs will be released on the Discord server.

You can go bully your friends now :)

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

5 Update Logs

Update V1.1.5 : by Odysseas 11/02/2023 7:27:34 amNov 2nd

  • Advancements (I kinda forgot about em)
  • Shadow Sword got 2 of it's moves buffed (Just to make it more worth the PAIN)
  • Shadow World Portals are slightly less rare now
  • Shattered Dream got its armor halved (from 50 to 25)
  • Shattered Dream now despawns its hitbox when IT appears

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09/20/2023 7:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
K1N6-BR avatar
Your datapack is amazing, congratulations on the excellent work you've been doing, and the time you've been putting into it. I'm looking forward to the release of version 1.20.*
09/21/2023 2:09 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Odysseas avatar
Thanks ^^
09/21/2023 4:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
carrrot avatar
i cant downlode it i mean i can but there is a problem it make me downlode one file with both texture and datapack and i cant use cause i cant add it
09/21/2023 7:46 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Odysseas avatar
you have to unzip that file (or just extract it), take the 2 folders that are in there and put them where they should be.

One is the texture pack and the other is the datapack.
09/14/2023 8:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MCsamurai avatar
how to start/or select magic type? i just downloaded data pack and nothing seems to work.

and yes im playing on 1.18.2 optifine
09/14/2023 10:11 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Odysseas avatar
The order is /reload, then /scoreboard players set @s Admin 1, then /reload and then click the green text that says to begn the datapack. It is also explained in the text after reloading, but i think that this system is a bit weird and will be different later.
09/14/2023 8:09 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MCsamurai avatar
does it work on 1.20?
09/14/2023 10:07 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Odysseas avatar
not yet

it will after version 1.1
09/14/2023 4:59 am
Level 1 : New Miner
1-_-1 avatar
Soooo can the data pack work without optifine
09/14/2023 10:11 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
Odysseas avatar
just the texture pack, and your eyes in extention
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