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FrogGamer45 avatar FrogGamer45
Level 24 : Expert Ninja
This data pack replaces the Nether with mars. It is meant as a "sandbox" where you can build what ever you like. Please feel free to use this to figure out how to make your own packs.

It uses my "alien" skin for the zombie. I also added all of the pig "variants" because it is like the martians experimented on the pigs to get them, to try to make themselves immune to sunlight and become stronger. The mobs that are included are zombie, hoglin, zoglin, piglin, piglin brute, zombified piglin. *Note: pigs do not spawn. The rotten flesh is proof of the experimenting because the "rotten" part is the DNA of the martians combined with the experimented pig DNA sample, (aka pork chop).

2nd image attached is the recipe that gives you dyed leather armor and a boat that you can use to travel on powder snow and ice/blue ice respectively. As you can tell, the martians' DNA has special properties. Plus It summons a villager with infinite health and no AI that sells all the stuff you would naturally find in the Nether.

Mine cart looks like a rover!!!!!
Furnace also looks more futuristic.

Here is a list of the different layers
  • reinforced deepslate
  • y level 0
  • ancient debris
  • y level 1

  • powder snow
  • y level 2 - 6
  • air
  • y level 7-8
  • blue ice
  • y level 9
  • air
  • y level 10 - 11
  • red terracotta
  • y level 12 -36
  • ice
  • y level 27
  • red terracotta
  • y level 28 - 52
  • raw iron block
  • y level 53
  • red sandstone
  • y level 54 - 83
  • red sand
  • y level 84 - 113
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.19

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