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Merchant: Better Wandering Trader with 295+ Trades! [1.17x]

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TheDiamondPlayables's Avatar TheDiamondPlayables
Level 83 : Elite Programmer
This datapack adds the Merchant, (seperate from the Wandering Trader), who sells alot better things, in addition to having alot more things to trade with.

- Merchant has over 295+ unique trades avaliable to them!
(Not to mention all the variations of said trades)

- You can fully customize the Merchant:
+ Change how many trades it has, how many times can you trade with it, spawning/despawning times, and even enable/disable trades you don't want.
+ There are more settings, but no spoilers!

- There are also the Nether Merchant and the End Merchant, selling dimension-specific things!
+ With a new and improved spawning system, Merchants can now spawn in any world imaginable!

Works in Multiplayer!
Have fun!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

1 Update Logs

Version 21911 : by TheDiamondPlayables 09/20/2021 11:09:07 amSep 20th, 2021

Before installing this update:
Please use all Lucky Tickets previously stored as
they'll be useless after the update due to a change of background data governing these Tickets.
I'd also recommend uninstalling the previous version properly before installing this update.

- Removed Infested Stone, Small Dripleaf Sell trades.
+ They are either impossible or too hard to get another way,
I doubt it would be any useful for selling.

- Added Merchant Admin Book with alot of settings to tweak.
+ To get this to work I had to rewrite everything, basically.

- You can now disable dimension-based Merchant spawning in its entirety.

- Removed Freeze Time.
+ Really, changing Merchant Spawning Time is alot more efficient anyways.

- Optimized Performance!
+ Really it's just a side effect of the rewriting of the entire codebase.

- Rebalanced all Lucky Tickets drops!

- All items in the Treasure category is now in Lucky Ticket form.
+ Might as well make it a bit more interesting if you're getting your stuff this way.

- Explorer Map / Structure Pointer Trades have been disabled.
+ I'm thinking of ways to actually balance those things because as it is right now
it's severly unbalanced. And kinda destroys the fun of adventuring.

- Merchant Llamas' max health will now be 5 hearts.
+ They can carry 15 slots worth of items, so there's got to be a nerf somehow right?
+ This value will be changeable in future updates.

- Spawning improvements:
+ Merchant will no longer try to spawn near a Player in a bad position.
In those cases, the Merchant will simply find another trade partner.

- Trade Changes:
+ Rebalanced Trade Prices for:
Heart of the Sea, Cobweb, worn-out Copper Blocks, Ice, Packed Ice, Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg
+ New Trade: Blue Ice
+ Trading worn out Copper Blocks now needs the original block.
+ Other players' heads trade can now also be found in Nether and End Merchants.
(The trade is contained in Specials category for all Merchants)

+ Spore Blossom is no longer avaliable for selling.
This is because there's no other way to get this stuff yet.
(A small oversight I didn't see when I made the first version. Whoopsie!)

+ Arrow x10 Lucky Tickets has been changed to Arrows.
This Lucky Ticket now gives you a random set of arrows, 8-12 arrow of random effect!

- If you want to get the Llama's Gift, you need to tame them first.

- Nether Merchant is now immune to fire.
+ Not the llamas though.

Bugs fixed:
- In some extreme cases, Merchant can spawn with corrupted trade data.
+ These only happens when the player in question actually knows the code inside-out and designs an exception specifically to break these. (which in survival would take a long time)
(Those are what I'd call "extreme case", but they're still bugs and needs to be fixed.)
- Spawning Merchant Llamas will not go with the Merchant when Merchant has to leave.

Background Updates:
- Updated Advancement Format to Advancement Scripter.
- Functions updated to Scripter format.

(ps: wasn't easy, it's like translating another document and writing the translations down manually)
In the long run this helps, but for now ... it's just a background improvement.

- Improved Display Advancement Format!
+ Informative advancements no longer just tells you the information via its tab.
+ It also gives you some practice quests + small completion rewards to teach everyone how to use the packs properly!

- Changed background! Background will be updated per unique edition!
+ as Patrons, starting from 1.18, you'll get to vote for the edition's background!
(I'll start a vote when the Prerelease comes out for all major versions)

Updated files:
- Officially merged all text files into 1.
+ Don't worry, they are split pretty nicely so you don't get confused while reading it.

- Added "UNZIP ME" in the download title, in case it wasn't obvious to some.
- Installation and Uninstallation is largely unified.

- To help with pack installation:
+ For every new pack installed,
there'll be a one-time installation confirmation message,
telling you that the pack is properly installed!

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12/18/2021 7:45 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Toffi323's Avatar
And now i have 3 trades for the same thing in End Wanderer Offer
12/18/2021 10:44 pm
Level 83 : Elite Programmer
TheDiamondPlayables's Avatar
Trades being the same currently is not something I'd be fixing, as if I do,
the resolution would result in a heavier Merchant + you won't be able to modify trades as freely as before.
12/18/2021 7:46 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Toffi323's Avatar
Maybe it's because i am on 1.18, i don;t know, can it cause that many bugs cause i think both of that should not work like it does
12/18/2021 7:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Toffi323's Avatar
Are Lucky Trinkets supposed to work infinietly? I mean, when only one is left he just keeps poping items
12/18/2021 7:16 pm
Level 83 : Elite Programmer
TheDiamondPlayables's Avatar
This is a very weird interaction, and I'll need more info on this. Please make a thread over at my Discord and I can look into this more clearly.
12/18/2021 7:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Toffi323's Avatar
12/14/2021 5:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3946040G's Avatar
ok wait i found it but i got another question what do I write here
"/scoreboard players set :maxllamas3: m.op (value > 0)"
to change the value
12/14/2021 8:54 pm
Level 83 : Elite Programmer
TheDiamondPlayables's Avatar
Edit the value field. I thought the hint was obvious...
12/14/2021 5:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User3946040G's Avatar
Hello by any chance I can summon admin book? is there any command to do that? (I'm in multiplayer and data pack didn't gave me a book)
pls help
12/10/2021 9:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3914008G's Avatar
How can I change the trades?
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