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PlushieWolf 1.14-1.15 | Wolf Skins

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KadMuffin avatar KadMuffin
Level 24 : Expert Cupcake
A new way to interact with wolfs in your world, this datapack teleports an armor stand to a wolf making it appear like a plushie and includes a over 120 different plushies as well some other skills for them.

The plushies appear randomly throught the world based on loot tables that can decide whethever or not a wolf will be converted on to a plushie, but this settings is optional and customizable so you can disable it or change it at any moment.

If you plushie dies there is chance that you get an armor stand that let's you revive it or create a new custom plushie with any player head that contains the "Skullname" property, so any datapack that implement heads should work.

The datapack is no longer maintained for now.

This and others datapacks can modify the world in which they are loaded, for this reason it's recommendable to create a new world instead of using it on a existing one, create a backup of your world in the case you still want to utilize it on your already created world, please use this datapack at your own risk.

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  • Download this datapack from planetminecraft or from the versions mirror.
  • Create a new world of minecraft in the version you want to play in. (Supported from 1.14 to 1.16 snapshot)

    If you want to use it on your already existing world, please make a backup (by using the option "Create a copy of this world." or "Make a Backup" inside of minecraft or manually saving a copy of the world folder).
  • Go to your minecraft folder location and then enter the saves folder and search your world folder:

    Easy way

    Use the "Open World Folder" option in the world edit settings.

    PlushieWolf 1.14-1.15  |  Wolf Skins Minecraft Data Pack

    Manual way

    You will have to open your world folder manually by looking for it in your file manager, usually depending your OS the folder will be located at:

    Windows: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves

    Linux: ~/.minecraft

    MacOS: ~/Library\Application Support/minecraft/saves (I don't have a macOS computer so this might be innacurate)

  • Once in your world folder copy the downloaded file into the datapack folder and open enter into your world and write /reload

Multiplayer Support

Playing with friends should not cause issues apart of sometimes plushies (when a lot of plushies are processing at the same time at the same spot) being somewhat laggy.

If you want to use it on a world with a few players (I can't say a specific number but 20 maybe the correct one), it should run mostly ok, but if you are planning to use it in a server with 100 people you will run into performance issues.

A Rewrite of the datapack maybe coming in a near future for fixing performance issues but for now you will have to evaluate if you can use it based on your specific situation

How to change the settings?

The public settings are stored inside of the datapack at plushiewolf/data/plushie_settings/ here you can change what rates are used to spawn plushies, but first you will have to learn how to modify a json file as the settings here are based on json files.

For editing the rates of the plushies spawning you will have to edit the loot tables at data/plushie_settings/loot_tables/wolf or data/plushie_settings/loot_tables/spawner

For changing the heads loot table selector edit this file data/plushie_settings/loot_tables/heads/heads_loot_selector.json this file will let you change the loot tables that decide what heads to use, meaning that you can use your own loot tables when spawning plushies.

If you really need to you can edit the heads loot tables directly at data/plushiewolf/loot_tables/heads

Some heads included

PlushieWolf 1.14-1.15  |  Wolf Skins Minecraft Data Pack

PlushieWolf 1.14-1.15  |  Wolf Skins Minecraft Data Pack

This Datapack is under the MIT License, you can find the license by decompressing the datapack.
CreditPlushies Heads from: https://www.minecraft-heads.com/
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.15

3 Update Logs

Version 1.1.1 : by KadMuffin 03/18/2020 5:04:17 pmMar 18th, 2020

For updating your plushies to this version:
  1. Remove the old version from the datapacks folder in your world and replace it with the new one.
  2. After you opened your world run /reload or /function plushiemenu:force_update
  • Added new special head and a normal one.
  • Bugs of menu fixed (Settings weren't saved when the world was reloaded).
  • Rewrited some skills for improving a performance when they are activated.
  • Now the heads items support special properties that tell the datapack how to manage them.
  • Removed most settings that were based on tags and changed to score ones.
  • Now the points ui from the plushies shows the plushie min score for the skill to be activated.
  • Special plushies now have a description that tells what they do.
  • Fixed bug related to plushies id when updating from a old version like (v1.1.0) to (v1.1.0.1).
  • Added sounds to the settings ui.
  • Fixed some plushies skills.

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02/24/2020 4:54 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Luckas_Xl avatar
My plushie died D:

I pushed a zombie into the lava and my plushie jumped
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