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Origins Mod Datapack: Sanity Wraith

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LakePier's Avatar LakePier
Level 44 : Master Goblin
Disclaimer: mobs being passive to the Sanity Wraith is not a power! i only turned off mob aggression for the demonstration as i kept getting attacked during it.
Note: video displays the previous version of Sanity Wraith without the "Vague Form" power. Working on a new one

Sanity Wraith

[+] Blink: press the secondary key while looking at an entity to target them. Targeted entities will begin to glow and emit enchanting particles. Targeted entities can be blinked to within a 120 block radius by pressing the primary key. After blinking, the Sanity Wraith gains temporary strength
[+] Paranoia: staring at a player within a 100 block radius makes them feel as though they are being watched and will drain their sanity resulting in negative status effects. The Sanity Wraith also gains saturation as they feed on their victims' paranoia. (This only works when the player being stalked is alone and there isn’t another player closer to the Sanity Wraith)
[+]Vague Form: Your form appears very distorted and vague to others when not focusing, you are invisible in the peripheral vision of other players. When you are spotted by a player, an indicator will appear on your hotbar. (note: you may need to lower the other player sanity one time by staring at them before this power works)
[=] Decay: When a Sanity Wraith is 2 below max hunger, they immediately start to drain the life force from nearby naturally made trees to regain lost hunger. This causes drained trees to rapidly decay making sustainable wood farming difficult.
[-] Weak: Sanity Wraith specialize in weakening their prey so strength was not a worthwhile adaptation (2 less hearts and 20% less damage).
[-] Ghost-like: Sanity Wraiths have difficulty keeping their form intact in bright light; when a Sanity Wraith is in bright light, they will become translucent and weak

-Specifics of Sanity Effects

Losing Sanity: When the Sanity Wraith is staring at a player, the stalked player will lose 1 sanity point every 4 seconds. Every 5 sanity points lost will move the stalked player another stage until they reach 0 sanity (Based off a 20 point system)
Gaining Sanity
When an insane player stands in light while not being observed by the Sanity Wraith, they begin to gain sanity until they reach 20/maximum sanity.

Stage 1: the player is aware they're being stalked and begins to walk faster in order to move away from their pursuer ( speed 1)

Stage 2: the player has been running for so long they've become mildly tired ( speed 1 and weakness 1)

Stage 3: the player is exhausted and cannot run anymore yet they become increasingly aware of their pursuers eyes watching them (slowness 1 and weakness 1, random cave ambient sounds, and angry particles)

Stage 4: now unable to evade their pursuer, the player further weakens from the constant telepathic assault from the Sanity Wraith (slowness 2, weakness 2, random cave ambient sounds, and angry particles)

Stage 5: the player has gone completely insane; they feel the eyes of their pursuer on their back sending chills running through their spine, their vision blurs and their physical strength deteriorates further. (slowness 2, weakness 3, nausea, random cave ambient sounds, angry particles, and shaking effect)

Tips and tricks:
  1. The best time for the Sanity Wraith to attack is when the stalked player is at stages 3-5. These stages can be identified by the angry particle effects that appear above the stalked’s head
  2. The Blink power can be used as an offensive tool to rapidly approach opponents. However, it can also be used to set a safe spot that you can teleport out of danger to
  3. Targeting the player you are stalking gives them glowing allowing you to see and continue to drain their sanity through walls

Want more of my work? go to #datapacks on my discord! :discord.gg/7apeHTu4EM
CreditJoin the discord for more origins here!: https://discord.gg/kXEsmarR
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

3 Update Logs

Small Description Tweaks and Re-zip : by LakePier 09/18/2021 1:26:24 amSep 18th, 2021

forgot to update some of the descriptions in the last update, did that now
Also zipped the datapack incorrectly before, should be good now

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03/10/2022 7:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
XodiusOG's Avatar
So I encountered an issue with the Sanity Wraith origin and other origins like the Sharkian. When the peripheral vision ability activates, it causes one of the two clients (Either the player who is the Sanity Wraith origin or another player such as myself) to encounter a crash error with the exact report of "Error: java.util.NoSuchElementException: class_1542['Oak Sapling'/5413, l='ClientLevel', x=255.13, y=78.00, z=-256.00] provides no component of type apoli:powers" though the item 'Oak Sapling' is often a random item that was dropped in the area. Such as a glow ink sac, or a block of sand, etc. Is this a known issue and is there a solution I should execute to prevent this from continuing to cause crashes?
01/20/2022 4:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
gamerofdeath49's Avatar
man I was so excited to use this datapack but it crashes whenever I try to use it on a multiplayer server
12/27/2021 5:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
oxolotl's Avatar
Do I need to be in a server for this orgin mod to work????
01/04/2022 3:16 pm
Level 44 : Master Goblin
LakePier's Avatar
this isnt a mod
12/20/2021 12:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
mumbles1134's Avatar
will you be making this for 1.18?
12/20/2021 4:18 pm
Level 44 : Master Goblin
LakePier's Avatar
it should work in the most recent version of origins.
12/26/2021 8:29 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
mumbles1134's Avatar
it crashes in 1.18
10/17/2021 11:05 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Pixelbtw7's Avatar
Hey my friends say that they do not have a sanity bar when I am staring at them, is there a reason for this?
11/02/2021 5:05 pm
Level 44 : Master Goblin
LakePier's Avatar
you need to play this origin in v1.0.x or later. However, there is a bug in 1.1.x where if two sanity wraiths look at eachother the game crashes (will work on a fix soon). So i would recommend 1.0.x
09/11/2021 1:43 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Roguelikepaladin21's Avatar
can someone make the origins mod a datapack itself
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