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Sheep's Random Things v1.3

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Required Resource Pack
ElectroSheep_ avatar ElectroSheep_
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
Please check the latest update log for info on new additions! I will update the content list soon

Also I may make a video to provide better info on all the features

"Sheep's Random Things" is a datapack which aims to expand on vanilla survival, making it more challenging and adding some new features if that's what you're in to!

The accompanying resource pack will not affect the base game in any way without the datapack. Some resource packs may be overwritten if they use the same items with custom model data.

This datapack does many things from simply cosmetic, to an entirely new crafting system.

Also I should note that this datapack hasn't been extensively tested in multiplayer, however care was taken to ensure it is fully compatible with it!


- Nine new advancements pertaining to the content of this pack (You'll need to figure these out for yourself)

- Made the arrow crafting recipe shapeless

- Added variant of the paper recipe which only uses 2 sugar cane

- Added leather crafting recipe

- Creepers now ignite when set on fire, be it by fire aspect, flaming arrows or, you know, fire...

- Creepers have a random fuse length which can be anything between 1 and two seconds

- Flaming Arrows have a nifty particle trail

- When fishing, you will no longer catch dead fish items. Instead, you'll get live fish flying at you! (Be wary of pufferfish)

- Blazes ignite the blocks below them (up to a range of 3 blocks)

- Gunpowder explodes when thrown in either fire or lava. This does not destroy any tiles, nor does it harm entities. It just looks neat!

- Illusioners spawn in raids! A maximum of one per wave will spawn after the fourth wave is complete.

- Illusioners drop arrows and the first of the custom items: the Illusioner's Brew! This provides speed III for 5 seconds and invisibility for 15 seconds

- zombies have a 1/16 chance to spawn as Poison Zombies. Poison Zombies inflict poison when they hit you!

- Skeletons and Strays spawn with a random number of arrows and will switch to melee when they run out.

- Skeletons will switch to an iron sword

- Strays will switch to the Frozen Iron Sword! This deals slightly more damage than regular iron, swings slightly slower and slows you down slightly when held. BUT! It will also significantly slow any mobs struck with it! The Frozen Iron Sword can also be crafted with the crafting station added in this pack, but I'll get to that later.

- Made shulkers FAABULOOOUUUS!!!

- Spiders and Cave Spiders now throw out cobwebs in the four sub-cardinal directions in retaliation to being damaged.

- Ghasts drop Throwable Fireballs! They're fireballs! And they can be thrown!

- The wither has two new attacks
1. Wither Ray. This works similarly to the guardian beam attack, except it withers you.
2. Summons Wither Skeletons at random intervals. These Wither Skeletons carry no weapon and drop no loot.

- The Ender Dragon now has a lightning attack and an explosive fireball attack as well as her usual dragon fireballs.

- Added the Lightning Charge! This allows you to harness the power of the dragon! They can be crafted with the new crafting system... I'm still not gonna tell you about it yet.

- Frost Walker extinguishes nearby fires! "Wait There's a reason to use Frost Walker now? WHAAA!?"

- Wither Skeletons drop Wither Bones. Essentially, these are the same as bones, but with an exclusive use at the custom crafting station, which I'll tell you about at the end (such a tease, I know).

- Added the Bucket of Squid! Because why not!?

- Chains are now climbable.

- added the Wither Sword! Which withers struck entities.

- added ability to cure Zoglin and Zombified Piglin! They must be splashed with a weakness potion then thrown an item.
• Zombie Piglins require a golden carrot and Zoglin require a warped fungus.

- added Wither Arrows - wither entities on hit and explode when hitting the ground, withering all nearby entities

- added Dragon Arrows - explode on contact or after a short time in the air, harming nearby entities

- added the Brutish Axe - carried by piglin brutes. High damage but very slow speed

- added Ravager Horns - dropped rarely by ravagers - knock back nearby entities and will summon raids if used in a village

- added Large Slimes which spawn very rarely in swamps

-added the Airship - details below


The Airship is a versatile, endgame vehicle.
It can fly at the cost of fuel (coal) in the rider's inventory.
It is controlled by the Airship Steering Wheel - simply mount the airship, right click with the steering wheel and look in the direction you wish to go and "whoosh" off you go!
The Airship Steering Wheel can be obtained as uncommon loot from chests in end cities.
The Airship itself is crafted.

- And last, but not least...
drumroll please!
dun dun dun dun (that's my impression of a drumroll, deal with it.) dun dun dun dun dun...
The Arcane Crafting Station
*fanfare plays

Details of which, I shall list in the below drop-down spoilery thingy.

The Arcane Crafting Station:

So, the Arcane Crafting Station. What is it?
Well, essentially it's a crafting table, just with a couple of extra steps.

"How do I make it," you ask?
Well little Timmy (that's your name now. So saith I), sit down and I'll tell you all about it!

Step 1. You're gonna need and Arcane Crafting Station Cover. This can be bought from many Wandering Traders (but not all) for the low, low price of all of your money!
Step 2. Take a dropper and place it facing up toward the sky!
Step 3. Simply place your Arcane Crafting Station Cover over the top and badabing, badaboom. Ye've got yersen a craftin' station!

How is it used?
It works a lot like your regular or, run of the mill crafting table. You open up the gui and put items in the 3x3 grid. However to get the item you're trying to craft, you need a catalyst item, to get the process started!
The catalyst item must be dropped on top of the crafting station and if it's a valid catalyst, it will hover above it and give off particles.

Once a valid combination of recipe and catalyst has been input, the crafting will begin. The crafting station will lock, so you can't enter the gui and an animation (using particle effects) will play.
Then, after a short wait, BOOM! You've got your item! (Note: it doesn't ACTUALLY explode)

Recipes for this crafting station can be found below.

I'm using chests to show this, so bear with me :)

The 3x3 area represents, of course, the crafting area.

The item on the right is your output

And the item in between is your catalyst!

Lightning Charge Recipe:
Catalyst: Fire Charge

Throwable Fireball Recipe:
Catalyst: Coal

Enchanted Golden Apple Recipe:
Catalyst: Golden Apple

Nether Wart Recipe:
Catalyst: Crimson Fungus
Note: The red/brown mushroom part is shapeless, so long as you have 4 red and 4 brown.
Note2: The soul sand must always be in the middle and is interchangeable with soul soil.

Frozen Iron Sword Recipe:
Catalyst: Iron Sword

Wither Sword Recipe:
Catalyst: Nether Star

Trident Recipe:
Catalyst: Heart of the Sea

Airship Recipes:

*note: for the wither arrow and dragon arrow, the stack size is fixed, so it must be the correct number*

Wither Arrows Recipe:
Catalyst: 64 Arrows

Dragon Arrows Recipe:
Catalyst: 16 Arrows


If you find any bugs or issues with this datapack, please tell me so I can fix it as soon as I can!
Also if anybody has any ideas for possible features to add in the future; please leave your idea in the comments for me! I'd love to hear any suggestions!

If you wish to uninstall this datapack from a world, simply use the command "/function uninstall"

This will disable the datapack as well as remove all scoreboards that the pack uses.
CreditA quick "thank you" to CatM0de and TBURTT, who both inspired a few features.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

6 Update Logs

Update 1.3 : by ElectroSheep_ 08/11/2020 12:20:42 pmAug 11th, 2020

+ end crystals during the dragon fight will shoot fireballs towards the player
+ added dragon hide - dropped by enderdragon
+ added airship hull
+ added airship wing
+ added airship furnace
+ added buoyant membrane
+ added airship steering wheel - uncommon item in end city loot
+ added airship - versatile vehicle which has the ability to fly - requires coal in the rider's inventory and an airship steering wheel in their hand to operate

ACS Recipes:
+ airship hull
+ buoyant membrane
+ airship wing
+ airship furnace
+ airship

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08/14/2020 10:48 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
RonaldoMoon avatar
It would be nice if this datapack was modular, so that I could use most of it but disable the features that I wasn't interested in for my server.
08/15/2020 4:54 am
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
ElectroSheep_ avatar
Yeah I have been considering that, cause the datapack wasn't originally supposed to be as large as it is, it was just for testing a couple of ideas I had.

I do plan on making it modular at some point, but it's not the highest on my priorities just now, sorry.

If there are a few things you want removed for the time being, just send me a dm with what you want removed, I'd be happy to send you a custom version!
08/03/2020 5:49 pm
Level 21 : Expert Caveman
Ashmodath avatar
I can't get this to work. putting it in the datapacks folder yields no results, am I missing something?
08/04/2020 4:57 amhistory
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
ElectroSheep_ avatar
it's best to put it in a new world while generating it, but if you're putting it in to a preexisting world, you need to use the /reload command in game to make it work, you may also need to enable it with

/datapack enable "file/Sheep'sRandomThings"

When you join a world with the datapack enabled, it's not usually immediately obvious there's anything different, it may be activated without you realising.

Alternatively it may be that you're not extracting it correctly, the file you want is inside the .zip file,
so 1: you want to unzip it

2: don't put the unzipped folder "sheep-srandomthings-e2130" in directly, there's a file inside it called "Sheep'sRandomThings"
That's the one you want to put in the datapacks folder

hope this solved any issues you were having :)

if not, let me know and walk me through how you're installing it so I can see if you're doing anything wrong.
08/06/2020 11:42 am
Level 21 : Expert Caveman
Ashmodath avatar
Thanks, I'll see if that works
08/06/2020 12:07 pm
Level 21 : Expert Caveman
Ashmodath avatar
It turns out I had extracted the file incorrectly, thanks for the help
08/01/2020 6:41 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Fentic_fox avatar
I have a suggestion. you may not like it but if a skeleton dies in lava in the nether it would become a wither skeleton that drops nothing.
08/01/2020 6:49 pm
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
ElectroSheep_ avatar
Actually, I quite like that idea! I may just add that at some point :)

Or maybe something similar like having a skeleton turn in to a wither skeleton if hit by a ghast or something like that. Would make the soul sand valleys more dangerous.
08/01/2020 6:53 pm
Level 41 : Master Procrastinator
ElectroSheep_ avatar
Oh! Since skeletons wield both swords and bows, I could have the ones turned in to wither skeletons weild some kind of charred iron sword which sets you on fire as well!

Or is that too evil?
04/20/2020 8:40 pm
Level 41 : Master Dragonborn
Recat013 avatar
I was there during all the development, and though I only skimmed over most of the long-winded explanations, I got the feeling this datapack would turn out well. I look forward to future updates!
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