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Spectral Aurora Origin

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    Aurorabreeze avatar Aurorabreeze
    Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
    Adds Spectral Aurora origin! This is compatible with the origins mod for 1.18+!

    Ability list:

    (+) Aurora Step:
    You can launch yourself high into the air. (Primary key). Has a relatively small cooldown.

    (+) Rays of the sky:
    You can fire around 16 tridents in rapid succession. Has a small cooldown as well.

    (+) Spirit Wings:
    You can glide, as if you were wearing an elytra.

    (=) Spirit Stars:
    You have some particles surrounding you.

    (=) Otherworldly Sight:
    You see everything a bit desaturated.

    (=) Spectral:
    You are translucent.

    (-) Death by Water:
    You die instantly upon touching water.

    (-) Depleted Health:
    You only have 8 hearts.

    (-) Unweary:
    You cannot sleep.

    Enjoy the Spectral Aurora origin!
    CreditSome ideas were taken from the Dreamer and Starborne origins. Go check those out, they are both amazing.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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