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Survival Freecam/Spectator

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Survival Freecam is a datapack that adds survival friendly freecam to your world or server

This allows you or your players to enter spectator mode at a location, and return to that location when they return to survival.

Why is this datapack different from the other survival freecams?
  • It does not use forceloading (which can break other popular datapacks such as homes or tpa from vanilla tweaks specifically when you unload all chunks)
  • It does not use extra entities in your world while you're in spectator (this makes it very efficient on high load servers and worlds)
  • It allows as many users as you'd like to enter and exit spectator
  • It is safe to /reload while a player(s) are in freecam mode
  • It will work in all dimensions, modded or vanilla.

Similar to Survival Friendly Spectator by sandwichentity this datapack checks various "dangerous" conditions before entering spectator so it cant be abused to survive death.

After installing into your world, all you need to do is /trigger freecam to enter and exit freecam as you wish

  • Immersive Portals: If you enter an immersive portal while in freecam, you will be teleported to your overworld coords in the nether if you exit inside the new dimension. Always exit in the dimension you started. This is not a problem with normal portals.
    • sandwichentity - Allowed me to use his "dangerous" conditions as an addition to my datapack
    • VanillaTweaks.net - Taught and allowed me to use the tech to store player location data (and retrieve) without using entities
    If you are having problems with this datapack feel free to add me on discord: iiVeil#9965
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
    toMinecraft 1.19

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