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True Ultra Hardcore v2.4

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Level 24 : Expert Explorer

Never install this content into any world you wish to keep, or it will be lost forever!

This datapack with the generated file is designed to be permanently installed once spawned into the world via ACTIVATION. Once you die, you can no longer play in that world, for it will become unplayable. You can not recover your world once you die, even if you delete the 2 files from your world after you have already ACTIVATED within the chat. It will NOT deactivate the datapack nor the generated file, for it is un-reversible. The Datapack itself is set up to run the generated file content. This means once you ACTIVATE the datapack, it spawns in a structure that you can not destroy inside the world itself. The only way to recover your world after you die is to decode and/or destroy the hidden structure using MCEdit. But doing so will be considered cheating if you plan to keep playing within the world.



Once you enter your world after installing the two files, A message will pop up to activate the game mode; TRUE ULTRA HARDCORE! Once activated, someone will join your world and wait for you to die. The invader will charge all Creepers, ward all zombies and skeletons from the sun, give zombies the ability to see you from far away, giving all Skeletons an iron axe, and the ability for spiders to run faster. However, the worst is that the invader has placed a curse upon you that you can no longer regenerate health normally, forever until your dying breath... Can you win the game before the invader gets you?


Note: These settings are permanent and can not be altered nor deleted
once you have activated the datapack to spawn the generated structure!

1. The difficulty is locked at Hard Forever!
2. Once you die, the world becomes permanently unplayable!
3. Mods are stronger and much more difficult to kill!
- Charged Creepers
- Zombies and skeletons do not burn up in sunlight
- Zombies can see you from far away
- Skeletons can switch to an iron axe
- Spiders can move faster
4. Someone will join your world... Run!
5. Heath no longer regenerates normally!
6. No Wandering Traders
7. Poem by ???
8. Always Active Gamerules to prevent cheating!
- disableRaids: False
- doDaylightCycle: True
- doWeatherCycle: True
- doTraderSpawning: False
- doPatrolSpawning: Ture
- fireDamage: True
- keepInventory: False
- doFireTick: True
- doMobSpawning: True
- fallDamage: True
- mobGriefing: True
- drowningDamage: True
- naturalRegeneration: False
- doInsomnia: True
- reducedDebugInfo: True
- commandBlockOutput: False
- sendCommandFeedback: False
- showDeathMessages: False

- (Work in progress)


The origin of this project idea was inspired based on the original hardcore difficulty when it was first released; that when you die, you are forced to delete the world. But ever since MOJANG made it, so you go into spectator mode after you die, it makes it too easy to cheat your way back into the world using LAN/Cheats. So I wanted to bring back the original concept and make it a true hardcore once again, but with a twist. So that once you die, your world is gone forever, permanently unplayable! To truly make it an ultra-hardcore Minecraft survival experience. That with Anti-cheats coded in, I wanted to make it as hard as possible and for players to cheats altogether. Though the '/give' command still works, there isn't much I can do to prevent that ability through LAN. So almost all cheats are disabled by 95%!!! .͜. derp! <_<


0. Please make sure you have read the WARNING file and understand!

1. Start up a new world (recommended).
3. When created and loaded in, exit out.
4. Open your world folder (SEARCH for your .minecraft/saves)
5. Copy and paste both folders from the CONTENTS folder.
6. And then paste them into your world folder directly
- (Or copy and paste the UTHC file into the data-packs folder)
7. Load back into your world and click ACTIVATE in chat.
8. Have Fun!!! ...RUN!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

2 Update Logs

Update #2 Download Error : 04/06/2021 5:22:28 amApr 6th

Fixed the download link

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04/05/2021 11:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Arnav-Gamer-Pro-YT avatar
wow looking nice and I see a youtuber playing it its so good so please give me
access please :( I want to play
04/06/2021 5:29 am
Level 24 : Expert Explorer
THINK86200 avatar
So sorry about the download access error! I just tested the download while signed out of this website, and it works!
Have fun! Tell me how it goes playing my data-pack ^ ͜ ^ !!!
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