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Technoblade Tribute Datapack

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Required Resource Pack
THINK86200's Avatar THINK86200
Level 47 : Master Necromancer
Rest In Peace Technoblade
Alex, You May Have Passed Away, However You Will Forever Be In Our Hearts...

Story Time:
This Is A Very Small Data/Resource Pack... I just got inspired after seeing the launcher I just had to make this for Technoblade...
I have not much to say but wish I did about him... Like an artist, their work seems to only become more famous after they have passed on... And I hate that I am apart of that crowd that never got to know him personally like all his fans, family, and most of all, his friends...

!!!!!!!!! TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES (MUSIC) !!!!!!!!!

Optifine is Required for the Resource Pack

[​DOWNLOAD HERE] <<<<<<<
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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07/06/2022 3:21 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Programmer
SAMEER_99's Avatar
Man, just a pig with a crown datapack. And datapack on trend 🔥🔥🔥. This literally shows us how much people still respect Technoblade. He will never die.
07/04/2022 7:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4223210G's Avatar
Isn't this PhoenixSC's datapack? If it is it would be really inmoral to gain stupid internet points from his death. Even more stealing the content from someone else, please dont steep so low as that...

Video: youtu.be/29UQ23p1kQc
der Impostor
07/19/2022 12:25 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
der Impostor's Avatar
no really its a resource pack
07/04/2022 8:48 pm
Level 47 : Master Necromancer
THINK86200's Avatar
I knew someone like you was going to say this >_>
I made this data/source pack around 4AM ON July 3rd.

"Isn't this PhoenixSC's datapack?" - No, he did not make a datapack but thecolonel63 made a Mod.

"If it is it would be really immoral to gain stupid internet points from his death" - I do NOT care about points!
"Even more stealing the content from someone else, please don't steep so low as that" - Again, mine is a datapack, his is a Mod. I did not do such thing like you say!

PhoenixSC's version is a mod, while mine is a datapack. Did you even read the description?
Fabric mod (by thecolonel63): https://modrinth.com/mod/technomodel
Optifine resource pack: http://phoenixsc.me/download-links/te...

I made this data/source pack before thecolonel63 (PhoenixSC did not make it) made their Mod, if not around the same time. Even so besides, his is not the same as mine. I made mine with the crown closer to his eyes (to match Technoblade's skin / the launcher image. while thecolonel63 did not. My code is different from his. The layout of his resource pack is the same as mine almost (for that's the only way to get the RP to work as intended) but I made my own image and felt like it was more fitting to call the pig from the launcher "Techno".

I hope you now understand.
07/05/2022 9:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4223210G's Avatar
Oh ok sorry for being mean, I was having a bad day, I should have looked more in depth.
07/06/2022 1:43 am
Level 47 : Master Necromancer
THINK86200's Avatar
It's ok for I forgive you. I was sorta being passive aggressive in a way from what you said cause I felt hurt being called a thief for a data/source pack I made myself. Both my Data/Resource Pack are a lot alike in the execution but our methods where done differently, ending with a near perfect identical in looks besides the code and all... Let alone photo-shopping the image to add the crown.

A lot of people are still going through the stages of grief over Technoblades too early death (FUCK CANCER!!!)
So I understand your out burst of anger for a lot of people take advantage of very sad events like its a "trend"!
It was bad enough that Technoblade died, but to wrongfully canceled out for showing tribute mistaken as "trend" to gain clout is hurtful. I felt bad I didn't watch more of his videos like others did so I wanted to do at least something to show that as little that I did watch him before his passing, I still did very much enjoy his content that I saw of him and his close friends like family. Sorry you had a bad day, and not to be little you, a lot of others did too as much as that is an understatement. I felt numb and was confused, and wanted to feel sad but it wasn't coming out... It wasn't until after about an hour watching videos of him did I open the minecraft launcher that I lost it with my flood gates starting to leek. I had to make it for Technoblade who never dies!!!

I've seen so many people making videos on YouTube to pay Tribute to Technoblade with their and/other's fan art of him during the Dream SMP Storyline key moments, if not new animations or art to show their love for him.
I am not much of an animator nor did I watch the Dream SMP (I wish I did, though now I can for it is still not to late to catch up, if not watch an abridged version/ all of Technoblades moments). I can draw but I love coding so I wanted to make this data/source pack asap before anyone else, or I would be called out for being a copy cat if I didn't make/publish it in time. Though you know how that turned out. As soon as you posted that comment about PhoenixSC's latest video on that very day I knew I needed to explain myself.

...I went a little too far in depth with my reply back to you.
Thanks for reading :')
07/04/2022 6:55 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Warrior
DAAM's Avatar
rip legend
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