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Custom Sword - Voidite Sword.

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Voidite Sword.

This Data Pack adds a new sword, the Voidite Sword.
It IS compatible for 1.16 and IS compatible with multiplayer.
You do not need to unzip the .zip folder, you can directly put the .zip folder into your datapacks folder.

The sword can be crafted / summoned with a Netherite Sword, 8 Nether Stars and 32 Soul Sand.
Throw them on the ground, and soon enough, soul particles will consume the sword, which gets struck by lightning and is transformed into a Voidite Sword [​I recommend doing it in an open area, like away from flammable blocks since the fire might burn it, wouldn't want that]. The Voidite Sword will be stuck in the ground, consumed by particles making it hard to see, but all you have to do is right click it to obtain it.

After that, you're practically immortal. All mobs near you will experience the wrath of the souls, being sent into the air and killed, and all projectiles will be turned to ash [NOTE: all of this sounds much cooler than it actually looks, in reality it kinda looks like a mess of souls as you can see in the last 3 images].

The sword does damage to all mobs in a 1.5 block radius and can also do damage to passive mobs, so watch out for that [​even your pets]. The sword doesn't seem to have any ill effects to players nearby except setting them on fire if they're hit. But be warned because trying to drop the sword will cause all entities nearby to take damage and levitate, even players, I mean, why even would you want to throw away something you worked hard for? And for those saying they want to give it to their friends, use a chest.

As a bonus, the sword also gives Speed, Regeneration and Saturation, so you dont have to worry about food as a problem, and since you have such godlike saturation and regeneration, you heal almost instantly, only way you could die is either of lag, or of an attack that does over 20 dmg, probably from an Iron Golem. I'd say definitely worth the 8 Nether Stars though.

There is currently no resource pack for it as I don't know how to make a resource pack for items with tags so, sorry!

Well, that's about it and if you do experience any issues let me know, and again this is only for 1.16.5. If you have any suggestion you can let me know I'll try to make them.
Glad that's over with. Thanks for the support on the Extra Advancements pack too! I'll add more advancements to it when I get the chance.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

Nerf #1 : 11/25/2021 2:52:35 amNov 25th

Sword does less damage, still OP though.
Lesser particles, giving more visibility.

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11/25/2021 10:11 pm
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