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Level 23 : Expert Dragon
This data pack is based of the anime Bleach. It adds a sword called a Zanpaktuo which has 2 other stages. The first stage is the Zanpaktuo it is stronger than a diamond sword and gives some damage, luck, and health buffs. The second stage the Shikai is achieved by crouching with the Zanpaktuo for 2000 in game tick or 5 minutes. The Shikai gives the same buffs as the Zanpaktuo but a more buffed version of them. Lastly is the Bankai, this is the last form of the Zanpaktuo. It is acquired by crouching with the Shikai for 3000 more in game ticks or 7.5 minutes. This form gives op buffs as will as the ability to summon lighting and gives speed for a minute when right clicked with. Once a form is acquired you can not revert back to the previous form without resetting your spirit by crafting a barrier. Also suggestions as well as feedback are very appreciated. Hope you enjoy.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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12/26/2021 7:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rcvgghghhhh avatar
and a great data pack, it would be nice to have a hollow data pack
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