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Java texture to Bedrock

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created 07/07/2019 5:31 pm by cabera2 history
last reply 07/07/2019 9:16 pm
I'm searching for a resource pack converter that can convert Java pack to Bedrock pack.
I found some tools but all have some issues.

1. PCTexture2PE (by Rodrigo294X)
Giving high quality result when It success convert. It is only tool that can convert overlay textures such as sheep, wolves and leather armor to TGA alpha layer.
but some resource packs freeze the program and most importent is, it stoped updating from Java 1.10 version so It can't use on latest version of minecraft.

2. Resource Pack Converter for Minecraft (PC to MCPE) (by Răzvan)
Works good. keep updating. but I doesn't convert overlay textures to TGA alpha layer so this makes sheep and wolves looks very wired. their wool color and collar color covering whole body! and some texture is missing after convert. such as leather armor, paintings and particles.
and this one is only for android so it's hard to use if you want to convert for Win 10 version MC.

3. Java Pack Porter (by AgentMindStorm)
This one works in very unique way and It's very impresive. you don't need to convert the resorce pack at all. Java Pack Porter IS a resource pack and If you put your Java pack inside of this pack then select Java Pack Porter from the list. then your Java pack will load in bedrock like a magic!
but this one only changing blocks and not changing any entities. and some of texture crass to black/pink checker.

so...I could'nt find the "perfect" converter. If you know the better tool, please tell me.
(Right now, I'm using second one by putting packs in my phone then transfer to PC again after converting. then manually fixing some texture with problem)
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1 reply

07/07/2019 9:16 pm
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Nice contribution!

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