Scariest part of your life!

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Explain your scariest part of your life, don't give personal details, remember, there are hackers!

My scary story:
So it started when my mom announced we were going to California in LA, I and my brothers were excited and immediately packed up our clothes and such for our summer vacation. When we boarded the plane, I fell asleep due to staying on a video project for hours before sleeping, I had a nightmare about a guy with a sword that resembled Jason Voorhees. I woke up and was horrified and my mom said we arrived, as soon as I proceeded out of the plane, I was hit with really warm temperatures, I wasn't used to it as I lived up in Canada. We stayed in our uncle's house and this is where the scary part came.
The second day of us sleeping in our uncle's house, I woke up at 3 A.M. and no one was awake I got on my phone to look at email's then when I looked at the door, I saw the man from my dream I was horrified I was frozen, since my brother was right next to him, I moved slightly closer to him, the man proceeded to step little steps, then when I put blankets over my head hoping he would leave, he was gone when I took the blankets off. To this day I always wondered who it was.

Share your scary story!
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07/15/2019 3:39 am
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when your in the shower
and a thicc daddy-long-leg spider crawls up your leg
07/11/2019 7:10 pm
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The inevitable death of the universe in a distant future. It makes everything seem so pointless.
07/10/2019 2:09 pmhistory
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Darth Lemon
When i almost died at Hunnington Beach

I was boogie boarding down at hunnginton beach, I hit a really big wave and went under. I couldnt breathe and i was trapped underwater. Luckily, my bro saw what happened and saved me.

thanks bro, u saved my life
07/10/2019 3:32 am
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taking any step towards change is honestly terrifying. i'm soon to graduate and the idea of that makes me want to crawl in a hole and pretend i don't exist. when i got my permit to begin driving, i was so terrified i thought i was going to just die.

terror for me usually leads to me wanting, thinking, or feeling like i'm gonna die, interestingly enough.
07/10/2019 2:18 am
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You might've still been dreaming? Or you were hallucinating.
07/10/2019 3:30 am
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i was thinking sleep paralysis, yeah.
07/10/2019 12:50 pm
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If he was able to grab his phone / move closer to his brother he wouldn't be paralysed.

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