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My experience.

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created 07/14/2019 1:45 pm by Content-Deleted
last reply 07/28/2019 9:40 am
My first experience with this entity named HEX. I was on a whitelisted server with some friends. We were on creative and we tried to build some huge city. I was building a house , then i noticed some glitched blocks. You know, that purple-black glitched blocks. Then i showed my friends what was happening. After 10-20 minutes , the server closed down for a while. After 2-3 days the server worked again. But everything was the purple-black. I was so scared , i left the server and i opened some program that says who was in the server and who and what did. I opened the program and i connected it to the server and i see some really strange codes. I don't remember any of them. I announced my friends and the owner. He checked his PayPal account that pay the host, he has no money in it. He had like 100 Dollars or something like that. He was so stressed. After that i coundl't find the owner. He was always offline. And the server name was 6d-TlKyrn64yhunRmething like that, i am not sure. I was in a older version, i think it was 1.4.2. I had a really bad PC at that time. After i bought a new PC i updated Minecraft and since then i have never seen that entity.
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3 replies

07/28/2019 9:40 am
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That's crazy
07/28/2019 8:42 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Thank you Content-Deleted, very cool.
07/28/2019 8:26 am
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