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Need Builders and Staff for new server

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created 09/17/2019 9:41 pm by CupidonSauce173
last reply 09/19/2019 1:55 pm
Hello everyone,

So I am a little dev that wants to make a server. Well, I've been coding most of the things to make it works, at the moment, in the network, I have a survival / Semi-HCF (factions), SkyBlock, Creative and PracticePvP servers. They aren't finished but few of them are mostly done.
Here is a little list of the features that you can find in the server and that are supposed to be fully functional


- Shop System working with gold ingots
- Black Market where players can sell items for gold ingots
- Bank system (1 for default and 4 for premium) that has 200 unit of space in it
- Friends System working with forms
- MCPC and MCPE interface style (MCPC will work with fake chest inventories and MCPE style with forms)

- Player stats (or /stats to see you own stats or /stats <player> to see someone else's stats)
- /shelp for lol
- The Network is connected into a proxy so we have the fast transfer technology. You can compare it to the one you find in the featured servers
- Player setting system where you can change some of your settings
- Language system, the whole server is translated in multiple languages. They aren't all done (For now we have Finnish, English, French and Turkish)

- Report system to report hackers or bugs
- Player Private Server that is basically a feature where players will be able to own their own little server in the network and they can select a map, few plugins and other settings and then invite their friends in it
- Community Hub System where players that own a private server can turn their server into public little server and then other players from the network can join
- New and Fresh Factions plugin where you can join only one of the 3 factions and then create a guild in that faction, there will be 2 level of wars, level 1 is permanent and is on all factions, it's just normal pvp, levle 2 of war is can only happens on 2 factions at once and the builds of the guilds are vulnerable against the other faction's guilds.
- Duels

I need few translators too.
I ain't someone who doesn't know what im supposed to do. I'm 19, in Software Engineering. You can trust me
If you are willing to help, you can contact me via email or discord
email :
discord : CupidonSauce173#9371
You also can join the discord but please only ask for a staff or builder position in dms or in email, thank you
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1 reply

09/19/2019 1:55 pm
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What do you exactly need help with?

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