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Welcome to the wrap-up celebration thread of Fanvember 2020! ♥

This event was super fun to host and I was so happy that people seemed to enjoy taking part in it! I want to thank everybody who participated and give them all a special shoutout below!

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Want to see their amazing fanskins? Check out the official Fanvember 2020 collection!

Winter Stamp 1

- - -

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I want to pause to highlight a couple of Fanvember participants who really took the event to the next level! ♥

- - -

\\ SAL3M //

Kaylie brought some amazing detail and colours to the table with her whopping 14 entries! Here are a few of her highlights:

(3) fanvember - valkyrien_ Minecraft Skin(4) fanvember - decora Minecraft Skin(14) fanvember - chels Minecraft Skin

\\ Buhh //

Buhh displayed their distinctive shading style with their 11 super cute entries! Here are a few of their highlights:

+ Kawaii - FanSkin + Minecraft Skin+ mellieee - FanSkin + Minecraft Skin+ ParkSoeun - FanSkin + Minecraft Skin

\\ Valkyrien_ //

Not only did Olive make the required three fanskins, she put a creative twist on the Fanvember event and drew some flippin' adorable fan chibis for some of her favorite skin makers! Here are a few of her artistic highlights:

Alice- FanartLaurenAngels- FanartJessaMoon- Fanart

- - -

Snowflake Bullet T H A N K Y O U Snowflake Bullet

I want to say one last thank-you to all the participants, and I hope you guys enjoyed Fanvember! It was amazing to see you show so much love and encouragement to your favorite creators. :D I'm super hyped to hopefully host this event again in November 2021, potentially even with a co-host or two! :)

You guys made a bunch of beautiful entries and really poured your hearts and talent into them. Thank you for being such awesome parts of the Planet Minecraft community! ♥

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11/30/2020 4:33 pm
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Aww, thank you for the special mention! ♥ I adored taking part in Fanvember; it was very enjoyable. Everyone's entries were so lovely to look at. :)
12/01/2020 4:27 am
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tysm for such an awesome event :D this was super fun and i hope this can become an annual thing! thankyou again <3
11/30/2020 4:34 pm
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oof forgot to make the skins

I tried to make one for JessaMoon but sadly

I was too lazy and procrastinated
12/01/2020 12:43 am
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TwT <3
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