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GeoPol MC - [Geopolitical Sandbox Server] Looking for staff.

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created 06/05/2019 12:02 am by GeoPolMC
last reply 06/15/2019 1:23 pm
Geopolitical Server Logo

  • What is a Geopolitical server?

    A geopolitical server is typically a replica of planet earth that is utilized to include some for of city/faction creation, either that be Towny or Factions, the server is themed around the idea of countries, history and overal goals of making friends, being on the top and conquering the world. Players are enabled to chose the path of peace or the path of war or their own individual paths.

  • What is the scale of this server?
    GeoPol MC is currently starting up on a 1:1000 replica of Planet Earth running on a dedicated server blade with a 1GBps connection running on an "Intel Xeon CPU E3-1230 v5 @3.40GHz" alongside a 33GB system memory and 1.8TB of system ssd storage. This giant compilation of hardware is enough to run 500 players continuously while providing an online mapping utility, "dynmap" for players to access.

  • What plugins does this server currently run?
    1. Dynmap
    2. Towny/TownyChat
    3. Essentials
    4. PermissionEX

    Essentially these will be the limited amount of plugins on this server because this is a planet earth sandbox, traveling the world will only be limited to any physical means (besides /t spawn). It is up to the community to build the infrastructure of the planet by working together. People will go any lengths to make their world traveling time cut in half.

  • What is needed to get this server running to full capacity?

    There are a few things, such as finishing the website, organizing all social media links and finalizing out gameplay. Once we are ready for launch, we will start the process of advertising on many platforms to get the world out about a newer Geopolitical server and it is almost a certainty that people will come to enjoy the server.

    • What positions are available?

        1. System Administrators
          Each Administrator will be responsible for the insurance of server stability, included but not limited to starting and restarting the server, insuring backups are created on a timely matter and applying quick fixes until developers can take over.

        2. Staff Administrator

          Each Staff Administrator will be taking on the task of recruiting and removing staff at their own discretion with reasonable cause and need.

        3. Moderators

          Each moderator will be responsible for ingame utilities such as detecting hackers, defusing spawn kills and enforcing the game rules, they will also take on the responsibility of Chat Moderators in addition. Moderators will not have any special privileges that will provide an ingame advantage that could effort the world & economy.

        4. Chat Moderators

          Each Chat Moderator is solely responsible for enforcing chat rules. Chat Moderators will not have any special privileges that will provide an ingame advantage that could effort the world & economy.

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    Level 1 : New Network

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    3 replies

    06/15/2019 1:23 pm
    Level 1 : New Network
    Last call.
    06/12/2019 2:10 pm
    Level 1 : New Network
    Bump. Still looking.
    06/05/2019 12:17 pm
    Level 1 : New Network
    You can also dm me at my discord: Entropy#5462

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