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1.15 Horse Tex Help

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created 01/24/2020 12:45 pm by DesertDraggon
last reply 01/24/2020 1:23 pm
So I'm updating this texture pack to 1.15 since it seems quite a lot of data has changed; Dandelion.

Most of the other blocks have been easy to find fixes for, but what I'm having problems with, are the Horses.


Bad Hors

So of course my issue stems from Dandelion having a specialized skin for Horses:

Dandelion Horse Skin

Versus the original Minecraft Horse skin:

Minecraft Horse Traditional

I'd assumed it was a code I forgot from moving some things around to update Dandelion to 1.15, but I can't seem to find any coding (obvious coding at least, tried less obvious too but nope) to seem to fix this.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or have a code or something I can slap in here that'll make it work? I'd much appreciate being able to tell which of my friend's Horses are which, instead of this eldritch abomination, lmao!

  The Dandelion I had previously been working on had been last updated since 1.13, and is a conglomeration of the original, other's work for original and mods, as well as my own work for original and mods.
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2 replies

01/24/2020 1:01 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Artist
In 1.13 they changed horses models to be more simple, so you will have to edit textures from dandelion to fit new model - use default texture from 1.15 as reference
01/24/2020 1:23 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Crafter
I was hoping that wouldn't be the case lol

Oh well! Guess I got my work cut out for me.

Dunno why they changed the large chests to be split in half... it makes 0 sense to have... more textures... vs less...
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