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revenge_racer started 09/01/2013 2:51 pm
World of Atlas replied 09/02/2013 7:41 am
Hi guys, I am making a resource pack for an adventure map, and I would like to use the connected texture mod in mcpatcher. I found this link:
http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/141 ... -features/
on how to use mcpatcher features in your pack, but it might be outdated. I've looked at some other packs for 1.6 that do things differently. I really need to do the repeat function, so if the above link is correct, or if I need to do things a different way PLEASE say so. I will subscribe to the first person who helps me out, AND give credit, if the map goes as planned. THANK YOU!!!!
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09/02/2013 7:41 am
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World of Atlas
Just look at other packs.
09/02/2013 5:38 am
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Misa uses all of the MCPatcher features, so that's probably the best pack to look at.
And I was referring to this guide, which is definitely up to date since it was posted 2 days ago.
09/02/2013 4:43 am
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The problem is that the OP on MCF hasn't updated that thread for a really long time...
And I believe that you learn best by having example packs, I can recommend Conquest for having excellent ctm's, Soartex or (obviously) my own pack (which hasn't all the extremely perfect-made ctm), but it's worth a shot anyways...
Let's hope that it helped.
09/01/2013 3:18 pm
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Check texture discussion again. There's a new updated 1.6 guide on CTM. 1st page, maybe 2nd, depends when you read it. (Yeah, I'm too lazy to give you a link)
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