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Building an ambitious team for the revival of Minecraft cinema | Currently creating a GOT/LOTR-inspired fantasy movie series

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created 11/05/2019 12:46 pm by CampfireStorytellers
last reply 11/05/2019 5:09 pm

--- Feature-length movies in Minecraft ---

Hear our tales, traveler...

a Fantasy Movie Series & further projects


We are Sal & Ren, two university students, eager to revive a forgotten and under-explored genre of Minecraft content - feature-length movies. We want to emphasize complex and immersive stories, a cinematic experience and high level of production quality.

6 years ago we were known as Miners & Machines, where we released four short films exploring medieval fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi and historic WW2 settings. The channel was well received, but it shut down due to copyright disputes. You can find a reference of our sci-fi film here:
Having learnt our lesson, we will also pay great attention to preventing the success of this new project.


For our debut project, we want to release an epic four-part fantasy movie series, set in a world where Gods and Spirits used to roam, and their followers still search for the echo of their existence. We don't want to spoil much to the public right now, but here is the logline for our first part:

The lives of a priest, a witch, a prince and a huntress intertwine in a quest to answer the call of the Spirits, which once roamed the realm of Ora.

The plan is to write, film, edit and put together the entire series before we upload, in order to ensure the successful execution and completion of this project and to have time to work on other movies while we periodically release the four parts.

Here is some concept imagery to show you the style of our series:


Creative Writers
People with a great imagination and good communication skills when working closely with us and bouncing ideas off of each other.
For the time being, we will be focusing on the fantasy movie series, but we plan to move forward with new, never before seen explorations of various genres and settings, such as horror, crime thriller, noir and others.
We already have a large amount of our lore, characters and story planned out, but we would love additional input and assistance in fleshing out the details and progressing the story.

Set Builders
People with an interest to work on smaller-scale but extremely detailed interior sets, landscapes & abstract objects which we will use for practical effects. Your creative capacity is your greatest feature!

People who can be the front and center of our story - you will play the characters in-game for the camera, with close instruction by the directors as we film our movies. It is a difficult, yet immersive and interesting task!

For the time being, we are not releasing the exact list of roles we want to fill, but we are already hunting for talented individuals with the capacity to use their voice in a diverse and immersive manner, in order to give soul and voice to our characters. If you want your voice to be entrenched in a creative project, you are at the right place!

YOU can join in on any (or multiple) role(s) which you desire.

What we want to know about you:

    • Name

    • Age

    • Country (for connection and time-zone purposes)

    • What role(s) you would like to fill

    • A little about yourself

    • Reason why you would like to join

Feel free to leave a reply on the post, or to send a message privately! You can also e-mail us at

We will contact you shortly and get in touch with you through Discord to get to know each other. We can't wait for you to join us and look forward to becoming a close, ambitious and creative team - together :)
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2 replies

11/05/2019 3:17 pm
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Name= Opal

Age= 15 (sorry if you're looking for older people.)

USA; I'm on EST.

What Roles?= I can body act, and voice act for younger female characters. I'm also a writer and can help create scripts.

A Little About Me= I'm a teenager with a passion for storytelling and roleplaying. I've been writing for almost three years now, so I'd say I'm moderately experienced. Outside of Minecraft, some of my interests are music, baking, and biology.

Why I'd Like To Join?= I find writing fun and I'd like to build my body and voice acting skills. I'm not that experienced with acting, but I'm willing to learn! I also think it would be cool to help create a Minecraft movie.
11/05/2019 5:09 pm
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